What happened to Realme GT 3? New confirmations are arriving for the date

What happened to Realme GT 3? The launch could be very close

09 / 06 Update: an insider has published a poster leak, with a possible "confirmation" of the release date of the new Realme flagship. Find all the details directly in the article.

Presented on the occasion of MWC 2023, the new Realme flagship has never arrived on the market and is taking a long time to wait. Now, months later we may have found out what happened to Realme GT 3: the smartphone with super charge of 240W it could be just around the corner, according to a well-known insider!

What happened to Realme GT 3: the flagship with 240W recharge is approaching its debut (according to a leak)

Realme GT3

Let's start straight away: Realme GT 3 240W would vivo and well and according to what was revealed by the insider PassionateGeekz, the debut would be expected in some Global markets from 14 June (initially it was the 12th of the month). As proof of this, the leaker also published a "stolen" poster, which reads from the alleged presentation date.

At the moment there is still no confirmation from the company, but the fact that rumors are arriving is already a good sign. After the presentation at MWC 2023 in Barcelona, the new Realme flagship has disappeared from the radar but now it seems that the release is finally not long.


The device would be the western rebrand of Realm GT Neo 5, launched only in China (but also available for purchase for us, through the usual stores). The terminal presented in Europe has the same look and the same specifications as the Asian counterpart, with a decidedly rear LED light swanky and Snapdragon 8+ Gen1.

For now we don't know if and when the device will arrive in Europe: June 14 could refer to India, but for now there are no other details. We look forward to further news and keep our fingers crossed: we will be able to get our hands on Realme GT3 and its super charge of 240W?

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