N-One NPAD Pro review: 130 euro tablet with 4G, 2K display and certified for Netflix

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

If you are a "mainstream" user, you have probably never heard of N-One tablets. If, on the other hand, you follow us more consistently, however, you will be aware that the brand has been distinguishing itself in this particular segment for some time, thanks to its products that have now arrived in every price range, both under 100 euros and above this figure and which stand out not only for their quality/price ratio, but above all for the choice of the brand not to want to "overdo it" with super pumped technical characteristics and mind-boggling numbers (factors which, especially in this market segment, generally are just smoke and mirrors ), but to produce devices for all budgets, always successful and always well functioning.

And the tablet N-One NPAD Pro is the perfect expression of this philosophy: coast poco more than 130 euros, but integrates a good 2K display, has 4G and is one of the few models in this price range to have Widevine L1 certification, which allows you to play Netflix content and other streaming platforms at maximum resolution.

Of course, its hardware features are not outstanding and for this reason it is not really suitable for all types of users: for this reason we will analyze it by evaluating its pros and cons, in order to understand who it is aimed at and who should really think about buying it .

N-One NPAD Pro review: Netflix-certified budget tablet

Design and materials

From a purely aesthetic and material point of view, holding the N-One NPAD Pro you immediately get the feeling of using a good quality device. Of course it is a cheap tablet and is made entirely of polycarbonate, but the dark gray color and the finish of the rear body give it the touch and feel of a more expensive product.

Good ergonomics, which with a thickness of 7.5 millimeters and a weight of 550 grams makes it suitable for any activity even on the move and very comfortable to use even for prolonged use sessions.

At the front there is a large 10.36" screen, whose frames could perhaps be a little too marked: in reality, however, the optimization of the frames is more than good for a tablet at less than 200 euros, and it is precisely this thickness that it will help users not to accidentally touch the screen when holding the device, especially with one hand.

Using the tablet in landscape mode, the volume keys and the power key will be on the left frame, while the SIM tray is located on the upper one: so yes, the N-One NPAD Pro it is a 4G Dual SIM Android tablet, and it is a feature that should not be underestimated especially considering the price range.

On the back the camera, which is not bulky and which is not wrapped in any type of camera bump, while the USB-C port has been positioned on the same frame as the power keys: and this is the only real negative note of the design of this tablet, because having both the control keys and the charging input on the same frame is a rather inconvenient solution.

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

Finally, a little note on the contents of the package: N-One NPAD Pro It comes with a pre-installed screen protector, a good solution for anyone who doesn't want to worry about protecting their display from scratches.


The screen is good, compared to the selling price of the tablet. The panel used is a 60" 10.4 Hz IPS with 2K resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels which, ok, isn't among the best ever, but it guarantees a performance very similar to that found in tablets sold for 300 euros on. So, considering that N-One NPAD Pro it costs almost 100 euros less, the value for money of the display of this tablet is absolutely in its favor.

Like all panels with this technology, the tablet screen doesn't shine either for the vividness of the colors or for the peak brightness, but it has a good color range and a good viewing angle. The relationship between resolution and diagonal then generates a good density of pixels per inch.

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

In short, for what it costs it is a good IPS which, yes, has some small flaws, but guarantees more than enough performance to satisfy the purpose for which this tablet was produced which, in my opinion, focuses heavily on multimedia.

In addition, it also has certification Widevine L1: this means that the tablet supports streaming in high definition on major video platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and so on.

Hardware and Performance

To be honest, I wouldn't want to focus too much on the hardware and performance of this one N-One NPAD Pro and not because they aren't important features, but because when you buy a tablet for 130 euros you should already be aware that you won't be taking home a product with lightning-fast performance. Indeed, as well as all its direct competitors in this price range, theN-One NPAD Pro it is animated by a Unisoc T616 SoC, flanked by 8 GB of memorai RAM and 128 GB of internal memory of the eMMC type expandable via SD.

So, ok, don't expect high-end performance from this device, but this is where we return to the speech made in the preface: everything the tablet promises to do, it does well and in a very pleasant way. In short, for what you are going to do with this device, the performances are good.

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

Basically, don't think of playing 3D games at maximum resolution or taking home 4K video renderings, but using the device for multimedia, web browsing, and all the more "human" operations, N-One NPAD Pro it will certainly be faster than other tablets sold in the same price range, never showing slowdowns or problems of any kind.

Sure, if we really want to be honest, I'm not crazy about the choice of using eMMC 5.1 memories, but that's okay: you certainly can't expect UFS memories in such a cheap tablet.

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

The connectivity to the cellular network and the dual-band WiFi network is good, the audio quality reproduced by the integrated speakers is excellent, especially when compared to its selling price: the audio is full-bodied, with well-balanced frequencies in which you can hear even a small hint of bass. From this point of view, the brand has done a really good job.


In the middle of the price range the camera. Let me be clear, the photographic sector is already there poco satisfactory on tablets sold at prices 5 times higher than N-One NPAD Pro, and therefore from an economic model my "claims" are equal to zero.

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

Also because on paper the integrated 13 megapixel camera could promise excellent results, but in reality it is perhaps the technical feature that least convinced me in this device. So much so that I decided to leave out the samples too, also because the discussion is simple: N-One NPAD Pro it is a tablet for multimedia, certainly not for taking photos or videos.


The good news is that theN-One NPAD Pro it is powered by Android 12 which is basically not customized by the brand with any GUI. Sure, it's not quite the latest version of Google's operating system but, as per tradition for virtually all tablets sold in this price range, the tablet features the usual Android Stock graphical interface. A sensible choice, especially considering the not exactly excellent performance of the product, which makes the user experience fluid even if it is not free from some micro-lag.

However, it integrates the Split Screen function, and even if it may not seem like anything special to you, being able to use two applications simultaneously on a tablet that costs poco more than 130 euros is not something to give persontata.

The entire suite of Google services is installed from the first start, there is the Italian language with very few translation defects and, again, it supports Widevine L1 certifications.

Battery and recharge

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

Although it is not among the most capacious for its price range, the 6600 mAh battery guarantees good autonomy, also thanks to the SoC used which is decidedly poco energy consuming. In my tests I was able to use theN-One NPAD Pro for about 7 hours of display on, but without taking advantage of the connection to 4G networks: if it were used on the move with the data connection active, the autonomy would decrease by an hour, but all in all it is a good general performance.

Charging is also good, which with its 18w is much faster than what you would find in any tablet sold in this price range.

Price and considerations

The selling price ofN-One NPAD Pro it is 230,75 euros but, through the box below, you can buy it at a discount with a coupon that lowers the price to 133,14 euros. And it is undeniable that it is a product that fits into an economic price range in which there are not who knows how many valid alternatives. Sure, it's not a tablet with exceptional performance and it's certainly not perfect, but for this amount you could hardly expect more than a good display, dual sim 4G connection and Netflix certification, something that should not be underestimated in this price range. price.

Review N-one NPAD Pro best cheap android tablet 10 inch display performance features data sheet

In short, if you need a tablet to take with you on vacation or on the move, from which you would have no particular demands in terms of performance, but with which you can perform the most common operations and above all watch your favorite TV series, you will find better alternatives thanN-One NPAD Pro, especially as regards the quality / price ratio.

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