Anbernic RG353M review: powerful and versatile retro console, completely in metal

Ambernic RG353M

In recent months we have witnessed a real renaissance in terms of portable consoles, hybrid PCs and retro-gaming. Anbernicus, one of the leading companies in the sector, offers various console models, including RG353M: the model made entirely of metal that we are talking about today. Find out with us why Ambernic RG353M we loved it so much and because in our opinion it is the retro console to have absolutely!

Anbernic RG353M review

Unboxing and setup

Ambernic RG353M

If you have ever bought a retro console you know exactly how much the initialization process of this type of devices either extremely simple. The console arrives well protected in its box, with a soft rubber mold that prevents the analogs from moving during the game transportation. All you need to do in this case is enter the microSD included in the package in the appropriate slot (in case it is not already inserted) and switch on Ambernic RG353M.

The console is immediately ready for use and all you have to do is connect it to the Wi-Fi home to search for any firmware updates to install. Being gifted with Dual OS, you can choose whether to boot into Linux or in Android (but we'll talk about this later). The default option is custom Linux OS, but you can switch to Android from settings or by pressing and holding the “F” during power up.

Once you have chosen your reference operating system, you will be immediately ready to play using the list of emulators already installed on the console.

Design and materials

The peculiarity of Ambernic RG353M it's just the design (in style Game Boy Advance), which makes the device of the series RG353 one of a kind. The console, in fact, is made entirely of aluminum alloy, with production process in CNC CNC. The finish is satin and extremely pleasant to the touch, and despite the metal body it increases the weight a little (232 grams), the console is extremely balanced and pleasant to use even for long periods. The coloring for this model is double: Anbernicus in fact realizes RG353M in a very elegant dark violet which marries beautifully with the matte finish of the metal shell, and in version blu.

Il IPS touch screen display da 3.5" offers a resolution of 640 680 pixels x, ideal for making the most of past games (which often struggle to even get to 720p as a native resolution). The analogs of Ambernic RG353M they are hollowed out to ensure greater ergonomics during use, while we also find a D-PAD, the keys in configuration XABY (Nintendo style, but in Xbox coloring), the buttons Select e Home and the backbones R1, R2, L1, L2, accompanied by a Status LED in the upper right.

On the top of the console we find the Jack for 3,5mm headphones, the input USB-C OTG, the exit mini-HDMI, the charging port USB-C and the key F (Function). On the right side we find the keys ON / OFF e Reset, while the volume control keys are reserved for the left side. Finally, on the underside, we find two stereo speakers and as many entrances for SD cards necessary for the operation of the device.

The addition, in this case, of two is excellent soft pads on the back of the console that help keep the console better in hand by providing greater grip.

Hardware and software

Ambernic RG353M

Under the metal shell of Ambernic RG353M beats the heart of a chipset Rockchip RK3566 with quad-core CPU, with all four cores Cortex-A55 from 1.8 GHz. The GPU Mali-G52 is flanked by 2 GB di RAM LPDDR4 and an internal storage space of 32 GB his memory eMMC 5.1 on which the Android 11 operating system is installed. The customized Linux operating system is installed on the 16 GB SD card, one of the two included in the package, which also supports the Italian language.

As far as connectivity is concerned, we have it available Wi-Fi Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) flanked by the connection Bluetooth 4.2. To power the device we find a battery of 3.500 mAh, with support for charging from 7.5 means USB-C, which guarantees up to 7 hours of autonomy.

As mentioned above, Ambernic RG353M provides the performance of a dual operating system: Android on one side and Linux on the other. During our test we tried both operating systems, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. The most suitable operating system for newbies is definitely Linux: his simplicity e immediacy of use make the OS perfect for the use of videogame content.

In this mode we immediately find the emulators for the most popular retro-consoles available, such as: Game Boy (Color, Advance), NES e SNES, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation 1 e PlayStation Portable. The possibilities are really many, and the console hardware does not struggle to handle even the most modern games like those of Nintendo DS. For lovers of multimedia content, moreover, it is also available Kodi which allows the cataloging of movies and TV series, as well as games.

The gaming experience is truly fantastic and the emulation borders on perfection: let it be clear, emulating is never like playing on real-hardware, but in this case the user experience is very similar. The operating system Android, on the other hand, is especially useful if you want to use third-party applications for streaming, such as Moonlight, or the classic mobile games. In this mode, the Play Store is not available, but Android 11 it is already equipped with Google Chrome for searching and downloading the APK.

Anbernic RG353M review: Considerations and price

Ambernic RG353M

Ambernic RG353M it is certainly a product that we can consider premium, due to the quality of the design, materials and performance provided by the chip RK3566. Premium is also the list price, with the console being offered at around €170. Luckily, thanks to the coupon you find below, you can make the model your own RG353M at the starting price of €129 with 64GB SD card, with free shipping from China warehouses GeekBuying.

If you are looking for a powerful and stylish console, stop your search here: Ambernic RG353M it is absolutely the right product for you.

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