Nothing OS 2.0 coming with big news: how the Phone software will change (2)

nothing phone 2

We have been talking about Nothing Phone (2) for some time now and we have collected a good number of confirmations and rumors. However, up to now, the advances have been "limited" al design and technical specifications of the device. But what will be the changes on the software side? An interview with Mladen M. Hoyss (Nothing's Creative Director Software): Here's what we can expect from NothingOS 2.0, next version of the brand interface.

Nothing OS 2.0: the company talks about the news for Phone (2)

nothing phone 2
NothingOS 1.5

The manager of Nothing has released a long interview with colleagues at XDA to talk about the upcoming news on the software side. NothingOS 2.0 will embody functional aesthetics typical of Carl Pei's company devices focusing on both productivity and user entertainment. This results in a redesigned and improved interface; we also talk about the home, with information that portends great news.

According to Mladen M. Hoyss, at present, the current home screens are, in a nutshell, pages full of company logos (icons). With Nothing OS 2.0 it will aim for a different experience: the splash screen should show what is personal to the userimmediately.

Unfortunately, the manager of Nothing prefers not to go into detail, hinting at improvements at the system level. During the interview, Hoyss reports that the new UI version of Nothing it cannot be compared nothing that is currently available.

Even if there are no images or more precise details it is impossible not to imagine Nothing OS 2.0 with a minimal design; after all, Hoytt himself worked (with other colleagues) on the device Block Zero 18 and to the launcher Ratio. In both cases, these are projects characterized by a sober and elegant style, with an eye to efficiency and productivity.

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