Instagram prepares the alternative to Twitter: here are the first images of Project 92

instagram project 92

Over the months they have followed lots of news su Twitter and about his fate after the arrival of Elon Musk. The chirping social network is in a very particular phase and the main rivals are already ready to give it a little push, in order to undermine it. Instagram has almost ready the mystery Project 92: the alternative to Twitter appears in the first images, which offer us a first (and brief) overview of the design.

Project 92: here are the first images dedicated to the alternative to Twitter (made by Instagram)

instagram project 92

During a corporate meeting of Meta images were shown of Project 92, Twitter's rival coming soon. As reported, the new social it will present itself as a separate app (and therefore it will not be an integration) e will be based on Instagram (with the addition ad Activity Pub). Access can be made through your own account or in any case through that of other services.

The Chief Product Officer of Meta, Chris Cox, defined the app as “our response to Twitter”: in short, as anticipated for some time, it seems that Zuckerberg's company is seriously intent on undermining its social rival by taking advantage of this moment of uncertainty. Second previous advances, Project 92 would be a text-based social network (up to 500 characters per post).


The details provided by Cox get more interesting and report of public figures and creators interesting to one sanely managed platform, focusing on safety, reliability and ease of use. Indeed, there would already be celebrities committed to using the app (DJ Slime is mentioned and they would be in talks with other big names, such as Oprah).

Currently Project 92 (obviously this is not the final name) does not have a release date yet but Meta hopes to release it "as soon as possible". While we still don't know when the new social network will arrive, one thing is certain: the alternative to Twitter is almost ready and one wonders if he will be able to steal the place from his historical rival.

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