Apple opens developer betas to everyone: here's how to try iOS 17 right away

iOS 17

With a surprise move, Apple decided to change the way it works Beta Software Program allowing the free installation of beta versions dedicated to developers, as well as those intended for the general public. Previously, the Developer Beta (of iOS / iPadOS / macOS / watchOS) were intended only for subscribers to Apple Developer Program, i.e. the $100-per-year subscription that also allows applications to be published on AppStore.

iOS 17 Developer Beta free for everyone: how to install it now

iOS 17

With the presentation of iOS 17, Apple has decided to allow the installation of Developer Beta to all members of the free program Beta Software. This change allows simple enthusiasts to preview the new features of Apple's mobile operating system, without having to pay the annual subscription which identifies them as full-fledged developers.

From today, therefore, it is possible to freely install iOS 17 Developer Beta 1 simply by signing up for Beta Software Program (totally free), without having to install any more ad hoc profiles but simply by logging in with your account Apple. The procedure is extremely simple and we will quickly illustrate it to you below.

  1. Enrollment in the Beta Software Program

    Go on and log in with your Apple account

  2. Restarting iPhone

    Once signed up, restart your iPhone. This step is optional, but recommended in case there are problems with the next steps.

  3. Update selection

    Go to "Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates" and select iOS 17 Developer Beta (which should have appeared after registering for the Beta Software Program)

  4. Installing the update

    Once you have selected the correct update, proceed with the installation

With the free registration at Beta Software Program you can also use Xcode developer tools, Xcode betas, device testing, developer forum Apple and bug reporting with Feedback Assistant, while all other benefits will remain exclusive to Apple Developer Program. In the image below you can see the respective characteristics of the two programs.

Apple Developer Program

Thanks to the changes of the Beta Program and Apple's Developer Program, therefore, it is possible to install the beta versions of iOS 17 completely free, even without the classic developer account. Do you already know which devices will not be able to be updated to the new operating system? Find out now thanks to our study!

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