Bad news for Google Assistant: Reduced third-party integrations

Google Assistant

Some developers have received communication from Google which part of the integrations with the service Assistant it will soon stop working. We are talking about note and list apps that will no longer be able to integrate directly with thevoice assistant of Big G, in a maneuver that tries to direct users to the services managed directly by Google.

Goodbye to notes and lists from third-party apps: Google Assistant is losing pieces

google assistant

The developer of AnyList today announced that it has received communication from Google for the interruption of the integration service of your app within Assistant. Not only the app in question will be excluded, but all those that have so far provided notes and lists on Google's voice assistant.

Starting from June 20 2023 the only notes and lists service you will be able to use with Google Assistant Sara Google Keep, the service created directly by Big G. The developer does not exclude, however, a possible return: “We are in constant communication with Google and hope to be able to support Google Assistant on Android again".

At the moment, the reasons behind the choice of are not known Google, but it is possible to imagine that the American company wants to try to push its service by reducing the competition.

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