Zeblaze Vibe 7 PRO review: the BEST for less than €50!

zeblaze vibe 7 pro budget smartwatch review

Smartwatches and smartbands are growing on the market, but there are still many who are a little wary, especially when it comes to spending amounts exceeding 100 euros on products whose full potential we may not even exploit.

There is a slice of users, however, who would like to join the ranks of those who wear a smartwatch on their wrist, but struggle to choose the ideal model, especially among the extremely cheap ones, products that very often do not allow you to fully enjoy the experience of a wearable: today I'm talking about Zeblaze Vibe 7 PRO, a smartwatch for less than 50 euros that literally left me speechless and I'll tell you why.

Zeblaze Vibe 7 PRO review

Design and Display

Actually who follows the company zeblaze, which we have also told you about in the past, will not see an exclusive design in this Vibe 7 Pro, which is very much inspired by an old model, the Stratos 2; beyond the similarities in the same family of devices, this Zeblaze smartwatch competes on the design front with extremely more expensive models, and the first that comes to mind is undoubtedly TicWatch (which however remains a leader on other fronts) .

Its frame is made of zinc alloy, it appears very resistant at first impact, and this is also due to its almost military design which certainly does not go unnoticed and makes it unsuitable for slightly more elegant contexts; he weighs about 54 grams without strap while poco more than 75 grams if we consider the strap, made of good quality silicone and quite comfortable on the wrist. The strap is a traditional 22mm and has a quick release, so it can be perfectly replaced with any other model we like.

zeblaze vibe 7 pro budget smartwatch review

On the lower part there are, in addition to the proprietary connector for recharging, also the classic sensors for the various monitoring activities; the Chinese company uses a new technology for the 5 LED heart rate sensor for a better reading of the values ​​through the skin. All in all, the experience of use when worn is quite good, for slightly larger male wrists it does not appear to be too bulky on the wrist, while it is undoubtedly not a recommended model for a woman, regardless of aesthetic tastes, as more for the small size of a female wrist.

There is no shortage of IP69K certifications and the resistance up to 3ATM for diving under water; on this front it is not the best product out there, but certainly if you intend to monitor your dives at professional levels, you do not turn to a product of this caliber. For the rest, the smartwatch relies on two buttons to move around the interface: via the Start button you can access the menu with the various apps, while with the back button you go back from each single open tab. For all the rest of the functions, however, you can move via gesture on the touchscreen.

zeblaze vibe 7 pro budget smartwatch review

One thing that amazed me is certainly the display: we are talking about a screen of 1.43″ inch HD AMOLED with 466 x 466 pixel resolution, but above all with a brightness of a good 1000 nits peak and 391ppi of density. In short, quality values ​​on a par with much more expensive products. Beyond the technical data, however, I can tell you that the colors are truly saturated and the blacks very deep, in addition the frames are millimeters compared to the bezel of the watch and it will never seem to you that you are faced with a watch which, in fact costs less than 50 euros.

In addition, an always-on mode is also available which allows you to view the time without necessarily awakening the display; then there is the possibility of awakening the smartwatch simply by turning the wrist. To its disadvantage I can only say that the brightness is not automatic, and this at night could be a problem if we keep the screen at maximum brightness. Patience, one can surely turn a blind eye.

Performance, monitoring and software

Technically speaking, however, under the body the Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro use a Realtek 8763E SoC and 128MB of internal memory, so as to be able to store a few dozen dials on board, but not, for example, music tracks which cannot be saved in memory. The smartwatch overall is very fast: it logically has proprietary software, is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and provides a good user experience even in measurements, which are always very precise and accurate.

The Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro is competitive in all aspects that a smartwatch primarily needs; With more than 100 types of sports supported, the Vibe 7 Pro is prepared for practically any type of exercise, from walking to cycling, through to all winter sports and those involving the use of the ball. 

zeblaze vibe 7 pro budget smartwatch review

In addition to sports functions, the optical heart rate sensors integrated under the body of this Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro are able to monitor real-time heart rate and monitor sleep to provide a comprehensive analysis, monitor blood pressure and measure blood oxygen levels in real time. Of course guys don't expect medical parameters, and they are certainly to be interpreted with a grain of salt: it is certain that values ​​such as step monitoring and sleep can be valid indicators on how to slightly improve one's lifestyle.

As usual, a smartphone application is available, available for both iOS and Android; is called FitCloud Pro, and it is yet another proprietary application like the hundreds already seen on other products of this kind. Basically it keeps track of all the data that the smartwatch collects during use, it allows us to set goals, make updates and customize the watch faces among the many dozens available on the store, which is also the owner.

Among the outstanding possibilities for a product in this price range I must mention the possibility of answering phone calls via the smartwatch itself. The Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro , in fact, has both a speaker and a microphone under the body which are useful for answering phone calls from the smartwatch itself: the only prerequisite, of course, is to connect the smartphone via Bluetooth because the watch in question is not independent ( of course, I might add).

Furthermore, it is possible not only to answer an incoming call but also to make one directly from the watch via the integrated numeric keypad or via the list of frequent contacts which can be customized via the smartphone app. The notifications of all the apps are clearly viewable on smartphones and perfectly legible, but as often happens in cheap (but also expensive) products, there is no possibility of interacting with the notifications.


Vibe 7 Pro battery performance may vary depending on mode and features used; with a capacity of 400 mAh, the battery is able to provide up to 20 days of standby while with continuous use the autonomy reaches about 5 days with continuous heart rate monitoring active 24/24 Full charge time is approximately two hours.

Price and Considerations

If you want to enter the world of smartwatches, but don't want to spend a fortune on this Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro could be a complete solution for your needs; the brand is not among the most famous, I agree with you, but among the economic ones it is one of the brands that gives greater guarantees in terms of quality and reliability of its products.

This Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro undoubtedly stands out for its build quality and its truly exceptional display. It doesn't have perfect software, as is often the case with proprietary software products, but for about 35 € it is really impossible to ask him for more.

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