Crazy weekend for Samsung TVs: coupon -20% and a €200 discount voucher as a gift!


The opportunities are back Samsung Shop Online and once again it's time to save on the brand's televisions. With the new promotion, a weekend full of discounts awaits us on many products: thanks to the PREMIUM20 code, you can get one 20% Off on a huge assortment of smart TV. Furthermore, the advantages do not end here: only until May 31 will there be the possibility to receive a voucher worth €200. Here are the details of the initiative!

The official Samsung store launches a new promo dedicated to smart TVs: find out how to save


The new exclusive promotion of Samsung Shop Online is dedicated to smart TVs: until May 29 (so for the whole weekend) just use the PREMIUM20 coupon – on a selection of TVs – for save the 20% on the final price.

There is also a welcome gift: for each minimum order of 799€ (on the TV category), get a discount coupon from 200 € usable on Samsung Shop 22 from June to July 31 2023. The initiative is valid until May 31st: after this date it will no longer be possible to receive the voucher.

In short, you take home one or more premium Samsung televisions with a 20% saving and with the possibility of taking advantage of a super discount on a future order. The benefits continue with the free plan delivery for all TVs 50” and above (until 31 May) and the possibility of paying in installments at zero interest, with the first installment in July 2023.


This is the right time to buy a new TV, counting on the quality of Samsung at decidedly top prices. Among the products on offer we find both models of the 2022 series and 2023 solutions: these are panels QLED e OLED, with resolution up to 8K and of any size. Do you dream of a mega screen from 65" in the living room, to better enjoy movies, TV series and leave? The perfect opportunity… is now!


Find below the page dedicated to the promotion by Samsung for its smart TVs: don't forget to use the code PREMIUM20 to get 20% discount! If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Coupon active until May 29th.

Save 20% on a selection of smart TVs and receive a €200 discount voucher (for each minimum order of €799) to spend from June 22nd to July 31st!

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-20% discount
  1. PREMIUM vouchers20
    Initiative valid from 23 May 2023 to 29 May 2023 included for all those who purchase through Samsung Online Shop a product belonging to the Samsung brand TV category, product codes: QE65QN95CATXZT, QE55QN95CATXZT, QE85QN90CATXZT, QE75QN90CATXZT, QE65QN90CATXZT, QE55QN90CATXZT, QE50QN90CATXZT, QE43QN90CATXZT, QE75 QN85CATXZT, QE65QN85CATXZT, QE55QN85CATXZT, QE65QN85BATXZT, QE65QN90BATXZT, QE55QN85BATXZT, QE55QN95BATXZT, QE75QN85BATXZT, QE75QN95BATXZT, QE75QN90BATX ZT, QE50QN90BATXZT , QE55QN90BATXZT, QE65QN95BATXZT, QE43QN90BATXZT, QE85QN90BATXZT, QE98QN90AATXZT, QE85QN900CTXZT, QE75QN900CTXZT, QE65QN900CTXZT, QE85QN800CTXZT , QE75QN800CTXZT, QE65QN800CTXZT, QE55QN700CTXZT, QE65QN800BTXZT, QE65QN900BTXZT, QE55QN700BTXZT, QE75QN900BTXZT, QE75QN800BTXZT, QE85QN900B TXZT, QE85QN800BTXZT, QE77S90CATXZT, QE65S90CATXZT, QE55S90CATXZT, QE55S95CATXZT, QE65S95CATXZT, QE77S95CATXZT , QE55S95BATXZT, QE65S95BATXZT (the "Promoted Products"). By entering the promo code "PREMIUM20" during the purchase on the Samsung Online Shop, a discount of 20% will be applied directly to the purchase price of the Promotional Products, visible on the Samsung Online Shop. The initiative cannot be combined with discount codes issued by Samsung Electronics Italia SpA and which can be spent on the Samsung Online Shop. Prices and availability of Promotional Products are subject to change. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Samsung Online Shop apply to purchases.
  2. €200 vouchers
    Promotional initiative promoted by Samsung Electronics Italia SpA valid from 23 May 2023 to 31 May 2023 inclusive for all natural persons of legal age residing in the territory of the European Union who, as consumers pursuant to Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, shop on Samsung Online Shop one or more Samsung-branded TVs (the "Promoted Products") as part of a cart purchase for a minimum amount of €799,00. If the right of withdrawal has not been exercised after 21 days have elapsed from the date of delivery of the product/s purchased, the discount code will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the user during the purchase on the Samsung Online Shop. The discount code entitles you to a discount of € 200,00 and can be used from 22 June 2023 to 31 July 2023 inclusive for the purchase of Samsung branded products on the Samsung Online Shop belonging to the Telephony, TV & AV, Appliances and IT, as part of a cart shopping for a minimum amount of €999,00. The discount code can only be used in a single solution and does not give the right to change. After 31 July 2023 it will automatically lose its validity and will no longer be accepted. In the event that the recipient exercises his right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 52, Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, after using the discount code, it will be considered definitively used. New Samsung-branded products are excluded, meaning products put on the market in the 8 weeks following their launch. The discount code is not nominative and therefore freely transferable to third parties. The discount code cannot be combined with other discount codes issued by Samsung Electronics Italia SpA and which can be spent on the Samsung Online Shop, nor with promotional activities promoted by Samsung during the period of validity of the discount code. Prices and availability of Promotional Products are subject to change.
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