Rogbid Mille review: long AUTONOMY with some WAIVER

rogbid mille smartwatch review

In recent weeks, all kinds of cheap smartwatches have passed through our hands: some of these, such as the Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro, for example, have been a real surprise on almost all fronts, others have left a little more bitter in the mouth. As part of our selection tour on Banggood we found this Robbid Thousand, a product that looks good on paper and could appeal to a moderate audience.

In practice, however, some software limitations must be taken into account that could make the user experience poco optimal. I will tell you its pros and cons about him in the full review.

Rogbid Mille review

Design and Display

If the Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro it presented itself as a complete product in every respect, starting from the aesthetic one, this Rogbid Mille with its design already tends not to be suitable for everyone. Let's start from its somewhat particular shape, it is a sort of irregular octagon made of metal and ABS and with quite particular finishes on the upper frame, stars that seem to imitate the texture of a torx screw, but in reality they are only engraved on the body.

rogbid mille smartwatch review

Leaving aside this detail, the Robbid Thousand it looks like a rugged smartwatch with curved glass, able to cushion blows and bumps of all kinds; as per tradition there is no shortage of certifications MIL-STD-810 and IP69K, as well as resistance to diving up to 5ATM, just to certify all its good intentions. All in all, the smartwatch is built well, has 3 plastic buttons on the right side and a speaker for calls on the left side. On the lower part there is always the usual sensors for sports monitoring as well as the proprietary connector for recharging.

So, as far as the design can be quite unusual and definitely not for everyone, the Rogbid Mille is well put together and built. The strap has a quick release and can be replaced with other models, it is made of rubber and it didn't impress me very much in terms of quality, so much so that in my usual "home test" in contact with my arm hair, it definitely failed I see the friction it creates with the skin.

rogbid mille smartwatch review

Then there is the display: a pity, when you already start from a poor quality display, the whole user experience is negatively affected, and this is the case. There is talk of a small screen, with curved glass as I anticipated, from 1.91″ inches with 320 x 385 pixel resolution; unfortunately, given the nature of the screen used which is a TFT, it goes without saying that the resolution is very low and the backlighting as well. The contents remain visible under sunlight, but also an eye poco careful would realize the poor definition of the images.

Performance, monitoring and software

The SoC here is a Realtek RTL8763EW, an old acquaintance already seen on products in this price range; it is not a hardware capable of running applications other than those provided by the manufacturer, but on the other hand those are specific for products with a cost of at least 250 euros or more.

Furthermore, Rogbid Mille does not provide the possibility of copying music files within the small storage memory; its functioning, therefore, cannot be disconnected from the smartphone. Speaking of smartphones, it is compatible with both iPhone and Android, with no operating differences between the two platforms.

rogbid mille smartwatch review

In both cases you can receive the notifications of the main applications (Whatsapp, Telegram, and so on) but there is no possibility of an answer; the emoji, Furthermore, they are not displayed and are replaced in the notifications by anonymous "?". As for calls, the smartwatch offers the possibility of answering calls directly with an attached voice reproduced on its speaker; a rather annoying thing that I encountered while using it with my iPhone is related to the bluetooth settings, because the smartphone recognizes the watch as an external speaker and therefore when you have connected it via Bluetooth the iPhone will always give priority to playback of any audio on the Rogbid speaker instead of the clock one.

No, it's not an iPhone problem as much as a driver and interface problem: the proprietary software of the Robbid Thousand, probably, it does not communicate to the iPhone that it is actually a smartwatch, and therefore "misunderstandings" are created between the two software, to make it extremely simple for you.

In this regard, I have connected it with iPhone, but the application Dafi is also available on the Android Play Store; this app is not proprietary as I have already used it in the past with other products. It is quite complete and provides the usual indications regarding the various monitorings that the smartwatch supports. As always, there is a huge flaw in these applications and, more generally, in proprietary software for this type of device: languages. In this case, Italian is present, but perhaps it would have been better if they had limited themselves to English given the extremely misleading translations. Sleep monitoring, to be clear, is translated as "suspension".

As far as activity monitoring is concerned, however, as usual there are about a hundred controllable sports activities; the most reliable are the usual ones, therefore walking or running, while the others leave a little the time they find. The GPS is missing, so know that the monitoring of the race will only be partial and not complete with a saving of the route taken. On the other hand, there are sensors for monitoring the heartbeat, even continuous, or those of blood pressure, but also the levels of oxygen in the blood or stress.


Certainly among the strengths is, however, the battery life: This is a unit from 520 mAh which guarantees up to about 12 days of real use with the smartwatch always connected via bluetooth to the smartphone and up to over a month if used unattached from the smartphone for simply displaying the time and counting steps.

Recharging, which takes place via a proprietary cable, takes about 1 hour and a half to complete from 0 to 100%.

Price and Considerations

The Rogbid Mille through the currently active coupon can be purchased at around 25 euros on the Banggood website; certainly it is an absolutely entry level figure, but in all honesty I would advise you to spend a few tens of euros more to bring home a more concrete product.

Zeblaze Vibe 7 Pro, which we talked about a few days ago, is the perfect example of an interesting smartwatch with a cost of around €35, a few euros more than this model which instead lacks for a not exceptional design, rather coarse software and a display poco resolute. Well, however, only the battery.

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