WANBO TT Review: Cheap Netflix-certified portable projector, with lots of brightness

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Compact design, support for 4K video playback, 650 ANSI Lumen, HDR10 compatibility and digital zoom. These are the most important features of the WANBO TT, a portable projector that comes after the success of the T2 MAX (here the review) and the T4 (here the review) and which, just like the previous models, offers excellent value for money.

Because at around 250 euros, it is difficult to find equally valid alternatives, especially considering that in this market segment it is very easy to find products that promise the moon, but which then fail to guarantee the slightest part of the characteristics they show off. Well, that's not the case with WANBO TT, because this little projector does what it claims, and it does it well.

WANBO TT review: the SUPER BRIGHT portable projector, at about 250 euros

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Design and materials

Large 17 x 12 x 17.5 cm and weighing 1.67 Kg, the design and materials of the WANBO TT they are very far from the average quality of Chinese projectors found in the same price range. In essence it is a parallelepiped made of black polycarbonate, with rounded and clean shapes, and rather similar to the XGIMI Halo (here the review).

In short, it is compact but it is not among the most compact on the market, and these dimensions are not only due to the dissipation system and the 5w speakers it integrates (and which are compatible with Dolby Audio), but above all due to the large optical projection that has been positioned centrally in the upper front area of ​​the device.

It can be easily positioned on any tripod, but unfortunately it does not integrate any support with which the inclination could have been adjusted if it were placed on a flat surface.

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

In the back it has an HDMI input, a USB port and a headphone output with the typical 3.5 mm jack, while the power button has been placed on the top.

No eArc, therefore, and not even any digital optical output: the only possibilities you will have to connect the projector to a better audio system are either via Bluetooth or via an analog connection with the 3.5mm cable. Too bad, also because as we will see the speakers are able to guarantee playback at very high volumes, but to enjoy a film like at the cinema it will certainly be necessary to use external speakers. However, it is true that from a product capable of guaranteeing image quality such as that of the WANBO TT and sold at this price, you certainly can't expect the moon.

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

The remote control is also of good quality, which is made of plastic but is very solid and not only has keys for controlling the device and focus, but also integrates three keys for quick access to Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube: like we will see however, these are the only streaming applications that can be installed on the device.

Technical features

As for brightness, a premise must be made: the 650 ANSI Lumen of WANBO TT they may not make many of you "cry out miracles", but it is important to remember that in the price range in which the device is sold these values ​​are difficult to find: the EMOTN N1 (here the review) for example, costs around 100 euros more and has a 500 Lumen projection unit. You will understand, therefore, that being able to project with a higher brightness at a lower purchase price is a great point in favor of the WANBO TT.

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

And as we have seen with the EMOTN N1, also in the WANBO TT the image is generated by a DLP system with a maximum projection resolution of FullHD (but, don't worry, given the product's hardware it will also be possible to project videos and contents in 4K), the lamp should guarantee 30.000 hours of use and can project images 60 to 120 inches (152 to 305 cm).

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

As I said, the audio coming from the two integrated 5w speakers is good but not exceptional, but the ToF laser autofocus system with which the projector, at each movement, will focus the image painstakingly of decidedly high quality. An excellent feature which, added to the good digital image geometry corrector (able to work at ±30°) leads to the conclusion that WANBO TT is one of those do-it-all projectors, designed to also be used on the move.

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

Unfortunately, although it can be classified as a portable projector, the WANBO TT does not have a battery and, in order to use it, you will always need to use the power supply that comes in the package but which, in my opinion, has cables that are a little too short which, if you wanted to place the device on a tripod, could be a bit complicated to manage.

Good noise, which is less than 38 decibels, excellent integration of Bluetooth 5.1 and dual-band WiFi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Video quality

Taking for granted that, whatever projector you are using, it is always important to use a projection screen to avoid light absorption with a corresponding decrease in brightness that would occur using surfaces not designed for projection, it must be said that the video quality of WANBO TT it's surprisingly good, especially when compared to its size and retail price.

Of course, it is not comparable to models like the XGIMI Aura (here the review), but evaluated in relation to its selling price, it must be said that the bar relating to the quality/price ratio of this projector is quite high.

However, like all compact products, looking closely at the image, you will notice a sort of layer on the projection, but it is a decidedly poco incisive that a few meters away becomes practically invisible. And even if it's not a 4K projector (but still capable of playing UltraHD video), FullHD quality is definitely good, also thanks to the excellent factory settings which, if necessary, can be balanced through a very specific section of the operating system in which, among other things, it is also possible to modify the keystone correction and the digital zoom.


Software may be the only, true, compromise of this WANBO TT. And not because the MediaTek 9266 processor is unable to handle it (indeed, everything is very fluid and fast), but because it is an operating system based on the linux kernel, which comes pre-installed Netflix (complete with certification) , Prime Video and YouTube, but which does not have the Play Store and does not allow sideloading APKs, at least not in an easy way.

The menu is very similar to what we have seen in other products of the category, and also integrates the previews of the streaming apps that arrive pre-installed, but the integrated app store is rather limited and limiting, and doesn't have all the applications that one would like to use with such a product, here in the west.

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

In short, it's not a complex operating system, it's not a dynamic operating system like Google's, but it allows mirroring from smartphones and all in all it has most of the apps you might need with such a product.

The organization of the settings menu is excellent, which is always quick to use and is designed to make the user experience as intuitive as possible, even for people less experienced in this particular category of products.

Price and considerations

The sale price of WANBO TT is 318,50 euros but, through the box below, you could buy it at a discount 259 € using a coupon. And it's a product that, when evaluated on the basis of its price, impresses not only with its image quality and brightness, but also with its design and materials. The image it projects is good, the colors are rich and the overall system performance is nothing to criticize.

review emotn n1 portable android projector features quality performance price discount italy coupon

Unfortunately, however, it does not have the Play Store and is rather "closed" to the manual installation of applications: of course, it has certified Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, but not being able to install other apps (such as Disney+) is really a shame .

My advice? Given the very low selling price, associate it with a Google TV: for around twenty euros you would have a much more dynamic dongle full of applications, which would transform this excellent WANBO TT.

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