The Samsung app that "transforms" iPhone into a Galaxy also speaks Italian!

Try Samsung On Your iPhone

Upgrade 18 / 05: the service is now also available in Italian, allowing all iPhone users to test the capabilities of the Android operating system installed on the latest Samsung smartphones. You will find in the article all the information necessary to test the service.

Samsung launched the service “Try Galaxy on your iPhone”, a web app that allows you to try the Android experience on board a Cupertino device. Here's how this nice new feature works, how to access it and what it allows you to do.

Android comes to iOS thanks to Try Samsung On Your iPhone

Try Samsung On Your iPhone

Over the years we have witnessed more than one spat between Samsung and rival Apple: the Asian tech giant loves to provoke Cupertino with phrases, post and even explicit commercials. Samsung challenges often they gave us a smile but this time we get serious with an app that "transforms" iPhone into a Galaxy device.

It is a web software that allows you to try and touch the interface by hand One UI 5.1 of Samsung, so that you can have the experience of using Android 13 and a device from the range Galaxy S23. Operation is very simple: just scan the QR code you see in the image above or go to this website directly from iPhone.

Once the app has started, a short tutorial will start that teaches you how to navigate the new interface (new for Apple users, of course). It's possible try various features, test apps, camera, view news feed, messaging and more.

In short, if you are using an iPhone and you are curious to discover the Android experience, now you can do it in a flash with this new Samsung service.

Update 18/05: Italian language available

From today the service that allows you to test the capabilities of Samsung Galaxy on your iPhone also speaks in Italian taste. The procedure is the same: just frame the QR code that you find in the image above or visit the Official site to immediately start trying the Android operating system on your own Apple smartphone.

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