OpenAI is afraid of the AI ​​Act and threatens to leave Europe

I opened away from Europe

In a recent interview, Sam Altman stated that his OpenAI is considering the idea of leave Europe, and the reason is called AI Act. For some time now, theartificial intelligence has taken over the technology market, and not a day goes by without some company rolling out software that can do in seconds what humans would take hours if not days, months or years to do. But to prevent this revolution from having an extremely negative impact on the population, the European Union is working on a series of laws that put limits on these companies, including OpenAI.

OpenAI warns: "Change the laws, or we will be forced to leave Europe"

openai sam altman

In the first legislative draft under discussion in the European Union, those who create and use tools of generative artificial intelligence should make public how they workincluding the size and power of the AI ​​model used, the hardware and timing used to train it. However, making such data public would risk compromising the competitiveness of the companies involved, because it would force companies such as OpenAI to reveal the secret ingredients of their software "recipes". Another topic very dear to Europe is that of the protection of intellectual property, and the AI ​​Act would provide for make public all copyrighted data used, rekindling the clash between artists and apps like Midjourney and more generally the criticisms against AIs that use huge amounts of data in which, willy-nilly, even data protected by copyright ends up.

Sam Altman says his company will try hard to comply with European laws, while criticizing the first draft as being "too much regulation, but we hear it will be withdrawn“. The founder of OpenAI himself has publicly declared himself willing to regulate artificial intelligences like theirs, even going so far as to define them "dangerous as the atomic bomb“. Meanwhile, if ChatGPT managed to get admitted to Europe, Google Bard is still stuck.

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