Oclean X Pro Digital & X Pro Digital S review: dental cleaning becomes smart

Oclean X Pro Digital S

The dental cleaning sector is also evolving with the arrival of smart electric toothbrushes that can assist the user in the daily cleaning routine. Oclean, which has always been at the forefront for this type of device, offers the new models X Pro Digital e X Pro Digital S for thorough and intelligent cleaning accompanied by a system of Gamification which assigns a score to each tooth brushing to raise the level of their medals.

Oclean X Pro Digital & X Pro Digital S Review

Design and materials

Oclean X Pro Digital S

Oclean X Pro Digital offers the classic design of electric toothbrushes that we have come to appreciate in recent years, but bringing different news. The main one, as well as the one that immediately catches the eye, is the presence of a touch screen LCD display accompanied by a button touch that takes care of turning the toothbrush on and off. The satin matte finish is particularly pleasant to the touch, while thehandle it is extremely comfortable in dental cleaning operations. There head it is easily removable ed interchangeable, in order to replace it in case of wear or switch to a different brush.

The toothbrush body is equipped with a magnet which allows vertical positioning thanks to the breadboard (also magnetic) equipped with 3M sticker. By placing the base on the wall next to the bathroom sink, for example, it will be extremely convenient to take the toothbrush, use it and then put it away. L'modern aesthetics of the toothbrush certainly does not look bad, and will surely leave your guests surprised. Furthermore, the base is made up of two separate parts: the first takes care of magnetically housing the toothbrush, the second instead offers support for the charging via USB-C.

The toothbrush is obviously waterproof with certification IPX7, so it can safely be cleaned of toothpaste residue directly under running water. The difference between the model X Pro Digital e X Pro Digital S is represented by the presence in the pack of one travel case and two additional heads. The case, in addition to allowing the toothbrush and two heads to be easily transported, can also be used as a charging base.

Characteristics and dental cleaning

Oclean X Pro Digital it is mainly a smart toothbrush, so to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered by the device you need to download the app Oclean Care+ (available on iOS and Android) and register an Oclean account. Once you have done this simple step and connected your toothbrush to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the app will guide us through a process of personalizing dental cleaning according to our habits and needs. The application will ask us which “bad” habits we usually follow, like to smoke, drinking coffee, wine red, or tea (all situations that tend to irreparably stain the teeth). Subsequently it will be necessary to indicate the type of teeth (stained, corrected or malformed) and their current color, to accommodate any whitening.

Once the configuration procedure is completed, the app will assign us what it thinks is the perfect cleaning mode for us, choosing between well 17 programs different. Obviously, if we are not satisfied with the choice, it is possible to modify the program or create a personalized one. Once this operation is completed, we will be ready to clean the teeth with the program we have chosen.

Sul the washing program icon will appear first with the timer, replaced once the toothbrush is started by a graphic that highlights the dental structure and areas that have not yet been cleaned. As the timer runs, the brush will change vibration to indicate in which of the 8 zone little attention has been paid and where an extra step is required. At the end of the cleaning, if we have not chosen the additional review, the toothbrush will assign us a score which will increase over time value of our coin (bronze, silver, platinum, gold, diamond, master, senior master and grand master). This choice of Gamification it is particularly suitable for the younger ones, who will be more inclined to carry out a correct dental cleaning to obtain higher scores.

The engine Maglev with which this toothbrush is equipped ensures a really deep cleaning, thanks to a great stability and a power of 84.000 movements per minute. The heads included in the package also offer delicate cleaning in the case of the one with the blue brushes, while a more aggressive cleaning for the plaque for the one with the gray brushes. The 6-axis gyroscopemoreover, it guarantees precise recognition of the areas of the mouth where the toothbrush has passed.

The customization procedure may seem complex, but it is extremely simple and intuitive: the toothbrush also works perfectly even without necessarily using the app connection. Through the touch screen, in fact, it is possible to choose between three different modes: Exclusive Mode customized in app, Sunsire Soothing for morning cleaning e Sunset Clearout for that evening.

Battery and autonomy

Oclean X Pro Digital S

As mentioned above, Oclean X Pro Digital it is recharged via a base connected with a cable USB-C. The battery guarantees about 30 days of autonomy, between use and stand-by. We have tested the product for one weekbrushing your teeth every day twice per day after uploading to 100% the toothbrush battery: the result, at the end of the week, was a residual autonomy equal to 73%, in line with the 30-day forecast.

Recharging is not very fast, but in this case it is not essential: a full charge of Oclean X Pro Digital gets to take up to 3 hours. Just remember to put the toothbrush on charge before going to sleep, to find it charged and ready the next day with another 30 days of battery life ahead of you.

Oclean X Pro Digital & X Pro Digital S Review – Price and considerations

Oclean X Pro Digital S

Oclean X Pro Digital it is a complete smart solution for your oral hygiene, offered at a lower price than the devices of the most popular brands in our country. With a list price of $109 this electric toothbrush would already be super recommended, but thanks to the coupon you find below you can get a 10% discount which brings the price to only $99, with many free gifts included such as the travel case (different from the one present in the “S” version), the interchangeable heads and the bag: at this price you really can't give up a smart oral hygiene!

Oclean X Pro Digital S, however, will be available on Amazon starting next week: we will not fail to update this review with its price and availability, so stay tuned to our pages.

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Travel case, interchangeable heads and bag included in the price

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