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xiaomi.eu miui 14 stable

There are more and more ways to get the MIUI 14 on board your smartphone Xiaomi, Redmi e POCO, and one of them is related to team work Xiaomi.eu. After porting the MIUI 14 Beta, the turn has comeStable update, what many were waiting for to be able to update their terminal to the latest available version of the proprietary UI. For many, in fact, the major update will be slow to arrive compared to the Chinese counterpart, therefore having a ROM to install even a month in advance could prove to be an advantage not of poco bill.

Last update: 27 May

The MIUI 14 update begins its journey in Europe thanks to the Xiaomi.eu team

You may already know them, but otherwise you should know that the Xiaomi.eu ROMs are born to take the Chinese ROMs of Xiaomi and create a version for us Europeans, when the Global and EEA ROMs did not yet exist. This means the pre-installation of Google services and apps as well as the Italian language, as well as the removal of bloatware and useless services for us who do not live in China. Now that Western ROMs exist, the work done by the Xiaomi.eu team is useful for those who don't want to wait for Xiaomi's not always timely release of updates. Sometimes it can happen that a Chinese model receives an update days if not weeks or months before its European counterpart.

ModelMIUI VersionRecovery ROMFastboot ROM
Xiaomi 13fuxiV14.0.27.0.TMCCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 13 ProNuwaV14.0.26.0.TMBCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 13LiteziyigV14.0.1.0.TLLMIXMDownload-
Xiaomi 13UltraishtarV14.0.13.0.TMACNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 12cupidV14.0.6.0.TLCCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12 ProZeusV14.0.13.0.TLBCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimension EditionDaumierV14.0.4.0.TLGCNXM-Download (
Xiaomi 12LitetaoyaoV14.0.4.0.TLIMIXMDownload-
Xiaomi 12tplatoV14.0.1.0.TLQMIXMDownload-
Xiaomi 12T Pro (Redmi K50 Ultra)fingeringV14.0.9.1.TLFCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 12XpsycheV14.0.9.0.TLDCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 12SmayflyV14.0.8.0.TLTCNXMDownloadDownload (
xiaomi 12s prounicornV14.0.8.2.TLECNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 12S UltrathorV14.0.12.0.TLACNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 11VenusV14.0.9.0.TKBCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 11 Pro/UltrastarV14.0.6.0.TKACNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 11i (Mi 11X/Redmi K40 Pro)haydnV14.0.5.0.TKKCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 11LitebowedV14.0.3.0.TKQMIXMDownload-
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GrenoirV14.0.9.0.TKICNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GlisaV14.0.8.0.TKOCNXMDownloadDownload (
Xiaomi 11t proViliV14.0.1.0.TKDMIXMDownload-
Xiaomi 10UmiV14.0.3.0.TJBCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 10 ProcmiV14.0.3.0.TJACNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 10UltracaseV14.0.1.0.TJJCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 10SThymeV14.0.4.0.TGACNXMDownload-
Xiaomi 10T Lite (Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G)gauginV14.0.2.0.SJSCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi MIX 4OdinV14.0.4.0.TKMCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi CitizenbowV14.0.1.0.TKVCNXMDownload-
Redmi K60mondrianV14.0.24.0.TMNCNXMDownload-
Redmi K60 ProsocratesV14.0.23.0.TMKCNXMDownload-
Redmi K50rubensV14.0.4.0.TLNCNXM-Download (
Redmi K50 PromatisseV14.0.9.0.TLKCNXM-Download (
Redmi K30 Pro / Pro ZoomlmiV14.0.4.0.SJKCNXMDownload-
Redmi K30S UltraapolloV14.0.5.0.SJDCNXMDownload-
Redmi Note 12 4GTapasV14.0.7.0.TMTMIXMDownload-
Redmi Note 12 4G NFCtopazV14.0.3.0.TMGMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 5GsunstoneV14.0.4.0.TMQCNXMDownload-
Redmi Note 10mojitoV14.0.3.0.SKGMIXMDownload-
Notes redmi 10 ProsweetV14.0.2.0.TKFMIXMDownload-
Redmi Note 9 4G / Redmi 9TlimeV14.0.2.0.SJQCNXMDownload-
Notes redmi 9 ProjoyeusV14.0.3.0.SJZMIXMDownload-
Redmi Notes 9ScurtainV14.0.3.0.SJWMIXMDownload-
POCO F5 (Redmi Note 12 Turbo)marbleV14.0.19.0.TMRCNXMDownload-
POCO F4 (Redmi K40S)munchV14.0.6.0.TLMCNXMDownload-
POCO F4 GT (Redmi K50 Gaming)loginV14.0.9.0.TLJCNXMDownloadDownload (
POCO F3 (Redmi K40)aliothV14.0.6.0.TKHCNXMDownload-
POCO F2 Pro (Redmi K30 Pro)lmiV14.0.5.0.SJKCNXMDownload-
POCO X5moonstoneV14.0.2.0.TMPMIXMDownload-
POCO X5 Pro (Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed)redwoodV14.0.1.0.TMSCNXMDownload-
POCO X4 GT (Redmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+/K50i)xagaV14.0.2.0.TLOCNXM-Download (
POCO X3NFCsuryaV14.0.1.0.SJGMIXMDownload-
POCO X3 ProvayuV14.0.3.0.TJUMIXMDownload-
POCO M3citrusV14.0.2.0.SJFMIXMDownload-

How to install MIUI 14 Xiaomi.eu

Since we are talking about a custom ROM, for the installation of the ports of the Xiaomi.eu team it is necessary to use modding techniques, starting from the unlocking the bootloader and installation via TWRP custom recovery if it were Recovery ROM. Be careful, because this type of procedure could mean formatting the smartphone memory, so I invite you to make a backup of any data you may want to keep.

How to install Xiaomi.eu in Recovery ROM format
How to install Xiaomi.eu in Fastboot ROM format

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