Microsoft accuses China: "It is spying on the USA" and Taiwan is involved

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That countries spy on each other is an open secret, especially when the countries in question are USA e China. There are examples after examples in the 2000s where the two sides spied on each other, whether it be the Edward Snowden/Wikileaks case for the Eastern counterpart or Operation Aurora or more recently the Huawei question for the western one. But since China has reignited the question around the possible annexation of the island of Taiwan the cases of espionage have become more heated, as denounced in these hours by Microsoft in collaboration with various Western intelligence agencies.

Chinese hackers are allegedly attacking US infrastructure in view of the possible confrontation with China and Taiwan

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After the case of spy balloons in recent months, the report drawn up by Microsoft and agencies such as the American NSA (National Security Agency) which accuses the group of espionage is now Volt Typhoon, which would be funded by the Chinese government for hack and spy on critical infrastructure in the United States. In particular on the island of Guam, geopolitically important for several reasons: for its strategic position in the Asia-Pacific region, for the presence of important US military bases and for the passage of submarine cables that connect the USA, Oceania and Asia. Promptly came the response from Mao Ning, spokesman for China's foreign ministry, according to which the allegations are part of a "collective disinformation campaign” by the Five Eyes, the intelligence alliance between the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, also adding that “none of this can change the fact that the United States is the empire of hacking".

The American hypothesis is that the hackers have tested the tampering of the infrastructures to prepare the cyber-IT territory if the situation between the USA and China worsens, in particular in the clash for Taiwan, in which Guam would play a primary role given its geographical position . The NSA has therefore alerted the companies that manage these infrastructures in identifying possible attacks for “prevent attackers from hiding in their systems“. Also because the techniques used by Volt Typhoon would be more refined than the classic hacking techniques where the victim is tricked into opening an infected file, according to Microsoft's analysis. Not too many days ago, a member of the US government raised the possibility of bomb TSMC in case of a Chinese invasion, further raising tensions between the US and China.

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