How to make the most of the HONOR Magic 5 PRO camera

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Buying a smartphone today no longer means getting hold of an object capable of letting us communicate with someone, potentially, on the other side of the world: by now our smartphones are increasingly technological from generation to generation, and an area in which many manufacturers collide and devote a large part of their resources is certainly the photographic one.

After the various S23Ultra, Huawei P60 Pro, one of the smartphones that does best in photography is the new one Honor Magic 5 Pro, top-of-the-range device from the Chinese company that we have already seen as a protagonist on our portal several times. Like all professional tools, without proper training on its use, we would probably waste a large part of its potential: today we want to go into more detail on the photographic sector of this smartphone, to understand its potential a little better but above all understand how to manage it better on the field, and not just on theory.

How to make the most of the HONOR Magic 5 PRO camera

The hardware available

Like any self-respecting smartphone, the great work done by HONOR starts right from the photographic hardware deployed in the field: the triple camera system of HONOR Magic 5 Pro features three 50MP sensors as protagonists, and no, it's not a typo, you got it right. 3 50MP sensors.

The main lens consists of a very large sensor: 1/1.12 inch with f/1.6 focal aperture able to guarantee a rather large blur as well as being able to let in a greater amount of light than other similar smartphones. He has a viewing angle of 23mm and is a lens that lends itself well in any context, especially also due to the presence of optical stabilization and PDAF focus that act as a support.

The secondary lens, the ultra-wide-angle, also has a large aaperture f/2 with a focal length of 13mm and a field of view equal to 122°, with a 1/2.5 inch sensor. Although the dimensions are not comparable to the main sensor, the one present here is superior in terms of size to almost all the products in circulation, which is why it is able to provide extremely bright and quality photographs even at night.

The hardware circle is closed by a periscopic/telescopic lens: the most attentive will perhaps think of a step backwards compared to the previous generation of Honor Magic which came with a 64MP lens, but despite everything in field tests this lens is certainly among the most valid, even if the focal aperture turns out to be only f/3.0. Beyond everything, however, there is no lack of PDAF focus here as well as optical stabilization. The selfie sensor, on the other hand, is a more popular 12MP with 100° FOV and f/2.4 aperture.

Motion Sensing Capture

The major investment developed by Honor in recent years is that relating to artificial intelligence, applied above all in the photographic field. What comes out of it is the Motion Sensing Capture feature, one of the most interesting that you will find on board the Honor Magic 5 Pro.

Thanks to a combination of software and hardware, with this new mode the camera shutter will be able to take a quantity of photos that cannot be compared to any other player out there; it is estimated that in 1 second of exposure it is able to capture up to about 70 shots which should not be confused with simple frames of a video, but just photos with all the details, perfect bokeh and noteworthy specifications. All this is made possible by the algorithm Millisecond Falcon Capture which makes an operation of this type extremely easy and within everyone's reach.

Le how to use there are basically two: the first is the manual one, where once enabled you just need to hold down the shutter button for as long as you want to capture knowing that you could take several hundred photos in a few seconds, or in automatic mode. The automatic one is undoubtedly the most interesting: thanks to the implementation of the algorithm which I mentioned to you poco ago, the smartphone is able to identify the subject to focus on, follow it and capture the photograph at the best moment.

These are certainly very versatile functions to be used in many dynamic contexts of daily life: perhaps at a birthday party where you will always catch someone with their eyes closed, or at a soccer match with your son, or while the dog is coming towards you to steal your food. All in all, it's fun.

Play with OPENING

In the opening I told you about a primary sensor from generous dimensions and above all from the rather wide focal aperture; in addition to the benefits mentioned above, these two hardware features specifically allow us to play a lot with the camera in order to obtain increasingly professional-looking results, especially in terms of bokeh (the blur behind the main subject, so to speak), to create a nice gap between elements in the foreground and elements in the background.

HONOR this card also played well by creating a special section in the camera application: it is easily reached, it is called "Aperture" and through a very simple toggle it allows us to vary the focal aperture from f / 0,95 up to af / 16 to be able to create our shots with a more or less blurred background. It is a portrait mode but, certainly, at a more advanced level where the user has full control of the situation and the result he intends to achieve: this, however, should not make you think that you are facing a mode for users only experts, because with such a simple interface, even beginners won't find it difficult.

PRO mode

Far from within the reach of beginners is, however, the PRO mode of the camera of this latest top of the range launched by HONOR: in this section everything is in the hands of the user using the smartphone, and nothing is left to chance or to the various artificial intelligence algorithms that are "deactivated" in PRO mode.

Honor Magic 5 Pro

In this section you can decide the type of focus, the ISO values ​​on a scale from 50 to 6400, the exposure times from 1/64000 up to 30 seconds, or even the white balance and Metering, depending on the type of shot whether a portrait, a landscape, or a backlight. In short, with the professional mode you can give vent to your imagination and above all to your skills: there is also the possibility of shooting in RAW, a format available only in Pro mode.

Review and Price

In case you missed our complete review, you will find the video above with all the tests we have carried out on this little gem of the house Honor; its official selling price is €1199,00 but it is often found on offer at decidedly more attractive figures, so by clicking on the link below you will automatically be taken back to the best offer available at the moment.

For the rest it is a smartphone that makes itself loved, especially on the photographic front: the price is in line with the other top of the range in circulation and with the right offer it could undoubtedly be the ideal top of the range for this 2023.

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