Doogee V20 Pro is the new rugged premium and is in good company

Doogee V20 Pro, S100 Pro and T30 Pro

Just recently we talked about the details and innovations of the V Series and here is a new addition to the range. It's about Doogee V20 Pro, premium rugged phone accompanied by the model S100 Pro and from the tablet T30 Pro: let's find out all the news of this triple launch by Doogee!

Official Doogee V20 Pro, S100 Pro and T30 Pro: a triple launch for the brand!

Doogee V20 Pro, S100 Pro and T30 Pro

At this round, the Chinese company presented three products simultaneously: it is about Doogee V20 Pro, rugged phone featuring an AMOLED screen and a thermal scanner, S100 Pro, new reliable and resistant rugged 4G, e T30 Pro, the third installment of the company's tablet range.

Doogee V20 Pro

Doogee V20 Pro, S100 Pro and T30 Pro

AMOLED displays did not find space in the rugged phone market until at least 2022, with the launch of V20. Given the success of the device, the Chinese house has seen fit to do an encore with Doogee V20 Pror, also introducing other novelties. In addition to a panel AMOLED da 6,43 "Full HD + a 120 Hz, the terminal also offers a InfiRay thermal sensor from 1440 x 1080 pixels.

The new thermal imaging camera has a range of 1km, a 25Hz refresh rate and Dual Spectrum Fusion technology. The rest of the specs include the chipset Dimensions 700 by MediaTek, up to 20 GB of RAM (12 GB actual and 8 GB virtual), 256 GB of expandable storage via micro SD, a camera from 64 MP, a night vision camera 24 MP, 6.000 mAh battery and fast charging from 33.

Doogee S100 Pro

Doogee V20 Pro, S100 Pro and T30 Pro

The new Doogee S100 Pro is the latest addition to the S-series, a family of affordable rugged devices with useful features. The newcomer offers a 130 lumen LED light and is equipped with a chipset Helio G99 by MediaTek. In addition to being an ultra-resistant model, it is also a valid battery phone equipped with a colossal unit of 22.000 mAh.

We then have a 6,58 ″ screen, 12 GB of RAM (expandable via Virtual RAM), 256 GB of storage space, a micro SD slot, a camera from 108 MP and Android 12 software side.

Doogee T30 Pro

Doogee V20 Pro, S100 Pro and T30 Pro

The mega launch of the Chinese brand ends with Doogee T30 Pro, a brand new tablet featuring a large 11" with resolution 2K. The terminal is driven by the chipset Helio G99, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM (plus 7 GB virtual) and 256 GB of expandable storage via micro SD.

Obviously there is also a large battery (8.580 mAh with 27W fast charging), GPS, connectivity LTE 4G e 4 speaker with Hi-Res Audio. Thanks to the support Widevine L1 it is possible to benefit from high quality video streaming (on the main platforms: YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and so on).

Pricing and Availability

The new triptych of smartphones is available for purchase through AliExpress and lo store official of the brand. Below you will find the links for the various models:

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