Creality Falcon2 22W review: the professional, powerful and safe engraver

Creality Falcon2

Creality enter the laser engraver sector with a straight leg Falcon2, a device as powerful as it is safe to use. Thanks to the numerous security measures implemented, in fact, Creality minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries, without ever sacrificing the great power with which the ben laser is equipped 22. While we're only at the beginning of this review, we can assure you one thing: this is the best laser engraver we've ever tried. Find out with us why!

Creality Falcon2 22W review: power and safety for extremely precise engravings and cuts

Design, materials and assembly

Creality Falcon2 22W

Creality Falcon2 22W it arrives perfectly packed in a box that protects the most sensitive parts of the structure well. The real surprise was to find, directly in the box, a fully assembled product which does not require any type of intervention other than thelaser installation and the type of foot which you need. Removing the device assembly step clears the whole margin of error and the possibility that during assembly something will go wrong. If you are new to this, this is the best great advantage that you can ever find with an engraver, and an applause to Creality must be absolutely done.

The package also includes the air pump for cooling the laser, a series of sample of different materials and a practical height adjuster for the laser. Creality Falcon2 22W, therefore, is truly equipped with everything you need to start customizing your creations.

The structure is made entirely of solid wood metal and it is immediately clear that the materials used for the construction of the product are of high quality. On the front side we find a control panel that allows you to operate with the engraver even in offline mode, while for accessing we find a physical on / off button and a security key.

Precisely this theme seems to be particularly close to the heart of the team Creality: this engraver is in fact designed to be extremely safe and prevent any accidents. On the laser, for example, we find three LEDs which constantly monitor the operational status of the Air flux, the The fire produced by the engraver and the spring: in this way we always have the situation under control, with the possibility of activating a alarm system in case of malfunction.

Also the diode of the laser, which offers a power of well 22, is completely enclosed in a system that prevents any type of accidental exposure, in order to avoid accidental injuries or exposure to the annoying light emitted during engraving. Obviously, in the package there are also the safety glasses which we always recommend wearing when the device is in use.

For this review, Creality he also provided us with a Rotating support for 3D objects, one support grid which simplifies the positioning of the materials to be engraved and a practice structure and covers the engraver to avoid any exposure to the laser, while simultaneously eliminating the smell produced by the burn. In fact, the system is equipped with a fan and a ventilation pipe which, if correctly positioned, expels the stale air, completely eliminating the bad smell. The structure can be purchased separately by the engraver and is extremely simple to assemble and put into operation.

Operation and engraving

Creality Falcon2, as mentioned above, is equipped in a powerful laser from 22 able to cut wood with a thickness of 15 millimeters in one pass. The same fate awaits the acrylic sheets of 10 millimeters and to 0.5 mm steel. With a speed of 2500mm per minute and a resolution of 245 DPI, this engraver can handle materials such as card, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic and metal. The device is compatible with LaserGRBL and Lightburn software, supporting SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP and DXF file formats. There wavelength of the laser is equal to 455±5nm, while the work surface measures 40 x 41 centimeters.

As mentioned above Creality Falcon2 is equipped with a control panel for engraving in offline mode: on the right side of the engraver, in fact, we find all the connection methods with which the device is equipped, including the support for SD card and wired connection USB-C. For our test we used laserGRBL connecting the engraver to a PC Windows 11: there was no problem recognizing the device or installing the drivers and within a few minutes Creality Falcon2 it was already available in the application.

We've engraved the iconic logo twice GizChina, remaining absolutely amazed by the quality of the engraving and its precision, as well as the speed with which this engraver operates. The process, in fact, always lasted less than 5 minutes while maintaining a very high quality. With metal, moreover, it is also possible to exploit the "Colorful Engraving“, that is, a particular one color engraving obtained through the different heating of the metal with the laser.

La auxiliary air pump, once connected, takes care of avoiding any overheating, but this engraver doesn't seem to give any kind of signal of difficulty or weakness during the cutting and personalization of the materials.

Creality Falcon2 22W Review – Price and considerations

Creality Falcon2 22W

The price of Creality Falcon2 22W it is certainly very high, but it is clear that quality has a price. This laser engraver is proposed in the price list a €1199, but thanks to the promotion currently available on Official site you can save money €310. Furthermore, with the coupon that you find below, you can get a further discount that will lower the price to €839: a good compromise for a highly professional tool that puts power and safety first.

The laser engraver is also available on Amazon Italia at the price of €1299, but thanks to the promotion currently available it is possible to save €300 by applying the coupon on the page. The final price, therefore, drops to €999.

If you are passionate about engraving or you are from poco enter the fascinating world of customization, Creality Falcon2 22W it is absolutely recommended: indeed, it is the best engraver we've ever tried.

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