The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

By now, more and more users are passionate about home automation and are committed to creating their own smart home, with all the advantages and conveniences that follow. Having a smart home doesn't just mean vacuum cleaners, TVs, ceiling lights and various appliances, but also small products that make the experience even more complete. In this in-depth study we are going to see what are the best smart thermometers on the market: these are very useful products to better evaluate the home environment and not only since we are dealing with portable devices. Let's get to know the thermometers/hygrometers of the moment and what their uses are.

What are the best smart thermometers of the moment

The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

Thermometers and hygrometers are a category of very useful products both at home and in the office, or in a laboratory or for certain needs. If you need to evaluate the temperature and humidity of the air then it is essential to rely on these devices. In our case, let's see what they are the best smart thermometers and hygrometers: we will therefore deal with solutions digital, capable of interfacing with the smartphone and the entire home ecosystem (and requiring a hub).

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SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

It is certainly one of the most accessible and complete models on the square SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer, a reliable and feature-rich device. The smart thermometer is equipped with a compact body and a practical strap that allows you to keep it suspended. It can be placed virtually anywhere and has a waterproof rating of type IP65 (resists water, rain, dust and even UV rays). To work requires SwitchBot Hub while the power supply is entrusted to 2 mini stylus batteries.

Of course, as this is a smart product, it can be used in conjunction with other products in the SwitchBot smart home range. As the name implies, it is a thermometer indoor and outdoor: it is useful - for example - in the room of the little ones or of animals that need to live at certain temperatures and at certain levels of humidity.

The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

In addition, the SwitchBot thermometer is also a valid ally during trips, trips and camping. The device offers a degree of accuracy up to ± 1,8% RH and ± 0,2°C, with an update every 4 seconds (in order to monitor temperature and humidity constantly). It is possible to monitor the various parameters directly via thesmartphone app, with support for quick notifications. Finally, the thermometer features local data storage for up to 68 days or up to 2 years using the cloud (available with SwitchBot Hub).

We point out that the SwitchBot solution is double discounted on Amazon: on the product page, just click on "Apply 15% Coupon" to save. Also, use the code 10OUTDOOR to receive an additional 10% discount. This way the final price will drop to just €14,99! The coupon can also be used in Official site by SwitchBot.


The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

Another known and appreciated brand is definitely Aqara: its temperature and humidity sensor monitors various parameters in real time, supports HomeKit and Alexa and offers precision up to ± 3% RH and ± 0,3°C. The device is able to automatically adjust the humidity level when connected to a smart humidifier. Among its features we also find a practical pressure sensor (able to measure atmospheric pressure and offers even more precise measurements).

Obviously, there is also a dedicated app for this ride, so you can control everything via smartphone and receive notifications in the event of changes in temperature and humidity.


The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

The thermometer and hygrometer weblog govee is an indoor solution with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an accuracy level of ± 3% RH and ±0,3℃ (with data updated every 2 seconds), push notifications and data storage for 20 days. We are talking about a leading brand in the sector and an excellent product, but obviously the price goes up (and not by poco).

Also in this case we have a smartphone application rich in data, together with the possibility of using a useful widget in which to view temperature and humidity in real time (without the need to open the Govee Home application).


The best smart thermometers | Our Ranking

We conclude our overview with the indoor thermometer/hygrometer Molczov: in this case it is an economic and basic solution (but still compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa), useful for those looking for a super accessible model.

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