Whatsapp will soon allow you to block and hide chats: that's when


In these hours Meta released a new beta version of Whatsapp for Android which includes maybe one of the function more requests ever by users. In the future, if the development of the feature is completed, users of the well-known instant messaging app will be able to hide e block chats with a PIN or with biometric authentication such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

Hidden and blocked chats: WhatsApp's new privacy satisfies users


With the update of Whatsapp Beta for Android, in the famous app by Meta a new section has been introduced that allows you to block e hide chats that we don't want to appear normally in the conversations list. Chats can be secured using your preferred authentication method: you can use theFingerprint, PIN, a Password, Or the facial recognition (FaceID on iOS).

This new feature will ensure greater security and privacy for all users (even the most cunning), but when will it officially arrive? Difficult to say: often the new functions of Whatsapp they take months of testing before they are actually ready for the general public. We will probably have to wait for this new feature to appear in iOS as well, before actually establishing a release date for stable versions. In a couple of months, however, it is possible that users (of both versions) are able to block and hide the most sensitive chats at will.

These days, up WhatsApp Beta for Android has also arrived a new powerful text editor for photo editing, which arrived on iOS several weeks ago.

Given the particular date (at the time of writing this article it is April XNUMX, a day known for its jokes) we can confirm that it is not an April fool, as also reassured by the WaBetaInfo experts on Twitter.

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