Taking care of the garden is no longer a problem thanks to the STIGA A1500 lawnmower


Do you have a beautiful garden that you often forget to take care of because your classic lawnmower is difficult to use? Then the new STIGA A1500 that's exactly what you need. This autonomous robotic lawnmower is able to cut the lawn efficiently and in a personalized way according to needs, without any type of wire and even equipped with a connection 4G to always be available through the app.

STIGA A1500 is wireless, efficient and can be controlled directly from the app


STIGA A1500 is equipped with an exclusive function: thanks to the Active Guidance System (AGS) this robotic lawnmower is capable of “navigation” the garden of the house always keeping the GPS signal high so as never to find oneself in the situation of not knowing where to go. The mower, thanks to the adjustable settings via the app STIGA.GO he will always know where to go, to take care of the garden independently and let the family enjoy the free time available.

The device is equipped with a battery STIGA ePower long lasting, capable of mowing a maximum lawn 1500 square meters in just two sessions a day. Once the first cutting session is finished, the second one will pick up exactly where the previous one left off. STIGA A1500moreover, it does not disturb: thanks to the acoustic insulation with which it is equipped, the noise of the engine always remains inside the machine, guaranteeing good silence.

Also the maintenance of the robot is extremely simple, since the top cover it can be easily removed without any kind of tool and cleaned with the classic water pipe garden. On the other hand, a classic one will suffice to clean the blades with which the STIGA is equipped brush.

STIGA A1500 is available at the price of €3.149,00, with battery kit included, at authorized dealers. The list is available via the official website and will allow you to immediately find the one closest to you.

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