Italy has blocked ChatGPT: according to the Guarantor it is illegal

italia block chatgpt

Like a bolt from the blue, the news arrives from the local authorities of the ChatGPT block in Italy. The artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI has been permanently blocked due to the alleged privacy violation. This was stated by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, with a statement in which he explains the reason for this decision.

Update 01/04: the block came into force in the early hours of the day, from now it is no longer possible to use ChatGPT in Italy. Find all the details in the article.

ChatGPT violates the law: the Italian Guarantor orders the blocking of the OpenAI chatbot

Chat GPT

According to the Italian Guarantor, ChatGPT would have implemented a unlawful collection of personal data to the detriment of the population, in addition to complaining about theabsence of systems for the protection of minors such as age verification; although the service is for over 13s, there is no tool that actually checks the user's age. Starting from 30 March, therefore, the Guarantor has ordered the provisional limitation of the processing of data collected in Italy by OpenAI; as some will recall, a few days ago the platform had admitted that a bug had put user data at risk, especially those relating to payment methods.

That was probably the case that led the Guarantor to raise his doubts: according to the institution, there is no information on data processing and there is a need to better understand the management of data collected to train platforms such as ChatGPT. If OpenAI fails to take the required measures, the Guarantor threatens fines of 20 million euros or up to 4% of the annual global turnover.

Update 01/04 – The ChatGPT block is effective today

Chat GPT

A few minutes before midnight, OpenAI has imposed a lock that prevents access to Chat GPT from the Italian territory, to avoid sanctions by the Privacy Guarantor. Trying to access the service, now an error is shown with apologies from the developers who promise to comply with the regulations as soon as possible Better quality of care and from Italian guarantor.

OpenAI will send refunds to all users of Chat GPT Plus who have subscribed in the last few weeks, automatically deactivating the automatic renewal to avoid being charged for a service that can no longer be used in Italy. The developers have also launched a new page for frequently asked questions on the subject that we invite you to consult in case you need more information on the timing of refunds and on the details of the subscription. Currently the only way to access ChatGPT in Italy is to use a VPN, such as NordVPN.

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