“Hey Google, goodbye!”, confirmed the possible merger between Assistant and Bard


In Google there is great excitement: Bard still can't compete with Chat GPT and the US company is losing points (albeit a few) against Bing. To run for cover, Google would be asking the development teams of other products to help train Bard, resulting in the jeopardization of other services, including also Assistant.

Upgrade 01 / 04: In a new interview, the Google CEO partially confirmed the rumors with statements suggesting the merger between Assistant and Bard. Find all the details in the article.

Assistant could be the next product to end up in the Google graveyard


The beloved "Hey Google“, therefore, could end up in the special cemetery of services discontinued by Big G: the voice assistant in fact would not generate profit and would be the main suspect for a possible reorganization of the development team. To report the news is Jennifer Elias area of CNBC, which confirms that the team behind the iconic voice command could be reassigned to Bard.

The news of greater attention to artificial intelligence had also arrived in recent days, with the rumor that Google intended to ask the team for assistance DeepMind, one of the development team controlled by A.

Assistant, however, would not be a real death, but more of a transformation: the merger with google bard it would probably bring great benefits to a voice assistant to which Amazon's rival Alexa is very often preferred. It will therefore be interesting to understand if Google will announce these fateful changes at Google I / O of May.

Update 01/04 - The CEO of Google confirms the possible merger between Assistant and Bard

Google Assistant

In a new interview with the New York Times, CEO of Google Sundar Pichai partially confirmed the rumors previously reported, stating that the company now has the technology to realize the original vision with which it was developed Google Assistant. Thanks to Bard, therefore, it will be possible to create a truly intelligent personal assistant who can understand needs and help in carrying out projects.

"Giving everyone their own custom model is something that excites me“said Sundar Pichai, “That was the vision we had when we designed Google Assistant, but now we actually have the technology to do those things“. The feeling, then, is that Assistant could "die" (Google will hardly associate the new technology with an old and discredited name) to make room for a merger of the service with Bard, which can then equally arrive on devices such as smartphones, Home e Nest.

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