Xiaomi's car will be easier to drive thanks to this new technology

Xiaomi Car

The next big step of Xiaomi will be in the automotive sector, with the first electric machine coming probably next year. In recent days, new details have emerged on the net about what could be the technology that will power the Chinese company's car: a new patent in fact, it reveals the possibility of having personalized automatic driving on board.

Xiaomi patents customized automatic driving

Xiaomi Car

It seems that Xiaomi is working hard on what will be the specific functions of the company's first electric car, as demonstrated by the patents that have emerged on the net in recent days. According to the documents registered by the Chinese company, Xiaomi could equip its electric car of a autonomous driving able to adapt to the needs of the moment.

During classic driving, this technology collects information about driving style of the user, analyzing the levels of security, skills and habits. Once all the most important information has been learned, autonomous driving could be able to replicate it perfectly, proposing the same style of the driver.

Xiaomi Car

In this way autonomous driving could keep i high security levels, however proposing one familiar driving style and closer to the habits and abilities of the car owner. A technology that will surely make whoever it is happy poco accustomed to autonomous driving and prefers to be in full control of the vehicle.

In recent months there have been more and more the sightings of the car of Xiaomi, while recently we have been able to appreciate the first leaks of the dashboard and interior of the electric car.

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