Here's how MIUI 14 will change with Xiaomi Pad 6

xiaomi pad 6 miui 14

The launch of the series Xiaomi pad 6 is still nebulous: there are those who hypothesize that the presentation could take place together with Xiaomi 13Ultra, and in the meantime, rumors are popping up on the net outlining the news. Especially on the software side, which has always been the most critical aspect of all Android tablets which only in recent years are learning that it is not enough to put a bigger screen in order to be functional products.

The Xiaomi Pad 6 series is coming, and it will come with new MIUI 14 features

Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro April launch leak

The rumor comes once again from the insider Kacper Skryzpek, who in his latest tweet lets us know that the MIUI 14 for Pad will be enriched by new options to be exploited with Xiaomi Pad 6 (and probably also on previous models). To better enjoy the interface and applications, it will be possible open multiple windows e drag and drop texts, images and files among them, and there will also be a new gesture to start the split screen and the convenient addition of creating shortcuts to launch two apps already in split screen mode. As usual, however, when it comes to Xiaomi and MIUI it will be necessary to understand what the compatibility with the apps will be, given the division between the Chinese and Global ecosystem which for years has made the MIUI Global worse than MIUI China.

If you were curious to find out the specifications of Xiaomi Pad 6 and 6 Pro, I refer you todedicated article.

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