Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 is the ultimate scrubber dryer thanks to these three features


When it comes to brands specializing in the intelligent cleaning sector, Tineco has always been at the forefront, a brand that stands out for its range of reliable and quality products. The company studies its devices to respond to everyone's needs but in the case of Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 has definitely outdone itself: the top scrubber dryer is a fundamental ally for one thorough house cleaning, for surfaces that are always sanitized and shiny. But what are the innovations introduced by Tineco?

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 is the perfect ally for home cleaning


The qualities of Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 there are many but there are three aspects that are fundamental and that make it the ultimate scrubber cleaner to accompany even the most demanding users in cleaning. It is a complete all-round product and capable of giving great satisfaction even when stored away. FLOOR ONE S5, in fact, is equipped with a self-cleaning and drying system bakery-proof: the floor cleaner cleans itself after use, simply place it on its base and start the operation (with the touch of a button).

According to a study by Zwietering, et al. (1994), the increase in temperatures facilitates the proliferation of bacteria; for this reason, using a jet of hot air on the brushes (less than 100°) the dispersion of microorganisms in the environment is more likely. For what reason Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 uses a self-cleaning system with a spin drying action: in this way it is possible to have brushes that are always clean, also eliminating possible residues of dirt and bad odours.


Still on the subject of scrubber cleaning, there is another feature that makes FLOOR ONE S5 a precious ally for deep hygiene. The latter, in fact, is not guaranteed if dirty brushes are used: mops and traditional detergents do not guarantee that the surfaces are completely sanitized and clean. The dirt residues creep into the bristles, and then deposited again on the floor: all this right during the cleaning phase.

Also in this case Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 proves to be a winning choice: the scrubber is equipped with a running water cleaning, with four sequential phases following each other during use. The water is released onto the brush roll, which maintains a high RPM, and is then released by the movement of the brush; finally the dirty water is sucked into a separate tank. With this system the washing of the floors always takes place with water and clean brushes.


The third top feature of FLOOR ONE S5 is proprietary technology iLoop Smart Sensor. Thanks to this intelligent feature, the scrubber is able to automatically adjust the cleaning level during use. The device calculates the suction power and the water flow according to the cleaning needs, all with maximum energy efficiency.

The power is increased for the most stubborn dirt while in cleaner areas it decreases: in this way water and energy are always saved.

Want to know more about Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 and the rest of its features? Then take a look at the Official site to find out all the details and learn about the brand's entire range of household cleaning products.

Content created in collaboration with Tineco.

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