Teclast T40 PRO 2023 review: Android 12 and renewed CPU!

teclast t40 pro 2023 review

It was February 2022 when I told you about Teclast T40 Pro, a tablet from the well-known Chinese company which over the past 12 months has had some success among those who were looking for an inexpensive but well-functioning product. After a year, the company sent us back the tablet in order to try it again in its new 2023 guise.

Unlike other brands that pass off their "re-bodied" products as new and exclusive models, Teclast was honest in confirming that this is an update of last year's model, with few changes but in the right place.

Teclast T40 PRO 2023 review

Design and Materials

On an aesthetic and constructive level there are almost no differences with last year's model: the tablet remains large 248 157 x x 9.2mm and the weight is of 480 grams, not a feather but well balanced and optimized to be used both vertically and in landscape mode.

The keys and predispositions component has also remained unchanged: Teclast T40 Pro, in fact, integrates the power button and volume rocker and connector on the "short" left side Type-C for charging. The right side is completely free, while on the upper part there is the trolley for the SIM card and a Micro SD as well as two stereo speakers which are added to the other two present along the lower side.

There have been no improvements on the audio front, which in last year's model disappointed me a bit for the lack of bass; in any case, in this price range it is already a miracle to find products with four stereo speakers, and Teclast is confirmed among the most daring producers on this front. Mancaonce again the 3.5mm headphone port, which in my opinion still remains extremely indispensable on these devices.


Il T40 PRO 2023 by Teclast presents a IPS LCD display from 10.4 in with 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution and maximum brightness of 350nit with T-Color 2.0. However, the display didn't completely convince me: the viewing angles aren't exceptional, the blacks aren't very deep and the color calibration isn't optimal, with the whites tending slightly towards blue.

In general, the colors seem a bit too cold. However, the manufacturer has done a good job with the fairly narrow bezels and integrated a responsive and functional touchscreen. Note that the maximum brightness is good, but the non-exceptional oleophobic treatment causes the display to lose its brightness when exposed to direct sunlight. Finally, while it seems to be a given in 2022, the responsive and well-functioning touchscreen is still a feature to appreciate.

Hardware and Performance

The determining factor of some innovations on this new generation is contained in the SoC which Teclast decided to install; Unisoc T616, an octa-core CPU with 2 Cortex A75 2.0GHz and 6 Cortex A55 2.0GHz. To accompany the processor, then, we find 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM e 128GB of internal memory UFS 2.1 (expandable via microSD), while the supporting GPU is one Mali-G57.

In practice, these changes do not make this product very different from the previous generation: improve, however, by about 20% single-core performance and about 10% performance in multi-core. The Teclast T40 Pro 2023 offers an online streaming experience with the various platforms superior to the 2022 model, thanks to the presence of Widevine L1 certifications. In addition, you can make long video calls and use external accessories such as a mouse and keyboard to work more efficiently.

Gaming-wise, the tablet fares well with entry-level titles, the likes of Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush and stuff like that; exploiting it with Call Of Duty (and similar) would still force us to play with medium-low graphic details. As for the connectivity aspect, the Teclast T40 PRO 2023 is equipped with a 4G module (possibly also Dual-SIM, but at the expense of the MicroSD) which allows you to surf the Internet and make calls. Signal stability is good, even if the modem isn't among the fastest on a tablet. Also, you can record calls if needed. The tablet also has a gyroscope, GPS and proximity sensor, as well as a sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment.


Among the other innovations that we find on board this renewed version of the Teclast T40 Pro, the new version of Android; for heaven's sake, the company has not opted for the latest version in circulation, but has gone from 11 to 12 with also a big breakthrough in terms of certifications.

I am referring to the presence of DRM Widevine L1 and no longer L3, value among other things not common to devices in this price range and which is, without any doubt, an important step forward in this market segment. For the rest, the interface remains the same as always, without any changes on this front.


La camera is an aspect that tablet manufacturers tend to overlook, and Teclast is no exception, equipping the T40 PRO with a camera 13MP rear manufactured by Sony with autofocus and no LED flash, and a 8MP front camera suitable for video calls. The quality of the photos is similar to that of other tablets on the market, with dull colors and poco saturated and an imperfect definition.

The best photos are obtained in good light conditions, while in low light conditions it is not possible to take pictures due to the absence of the LED flash. The front camera also has a good viewing angle and average definition, with the ability to record video in FullHD at 30fps. While the use of the camera on a tablet is limited, it's still worth mentioning for completeness.


Compared to the 2022 model there are no differences in terms of battery capacity as this T40 Pro 2023 possesses the usual 7000mAh unit with fast charging up to 18W cable maximum.

As for the battery life of the T40 PRO 2023, the results are positive and slightly better than the other model, due to better management by the CPU. Testing it with video streaming at maximum brightness and with the Wi-Fi connection active, the battery life is around 6 hours. Evaluating the total autonomy of the tablet is a complex operation due to the dozens of possible types of use with a product of this type, but in general the use of the device for various activities guarantees an average of poco more than 5 hours of active screen time, which may decrease slightly if you use the SIM card and move the tablet frequently.

Price and considerations

The value for money of this Teclast T40 Pro 2023 improves even more than last year; the current model, in fact, is often found on offer on Amazon for figures such as 179,99 (its list price is € 229,99), better than the canonical 200 euros for which the 2022 edition could be purchased.

This T40 Pro 2023 has proven to be a good solution for those looking for an inexpensive but reliable product for simple daily operations: if you intend to buy, be careful to choose the version with SoC T616 and don't confuse it with Unisoc T618, as you would all lose the advantages of these “updated” editions.

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Design and Materials
Hardware and Performance
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review-teclast-t40-pro-2023 It was February 2022 when I told you about the Teclast T40 Pro, a tablet from the well-known Chinese company which over the last 12 months has had some success among those who were looking for an inexpensive but well-functioning product. At a distance of...