Finally the Electronic Identity Card replaces the SPID, and without NFC

SPID electronic identity card

After the many complaints received, the Italian Ministry of the Interior has adjusted the Electronic Identity Card, allowing her to replace the SPID without NFCthus eliminating the need to resort to external electronic devices. If so far many have preferred the SPID to the CIE system, it is because of its simplicity of use, being able to use it to gain access to the public administration quickly and completely digitally. In contrast, until now, using the CIE required initially relying on NFC smart card readers and later on NFC-enabled smartphones to read the card.

Goodbye NFC: now the Electronic Identity Card truly replaces the SPID

SPID electronic identity card

From 28 March, holders of an Electronic Identity Card can activate the CIE level 1 and 2 credentialsnecessary to use it as an access point to the public administration. In doing so, when level 1 is required, it will be enough to have the access data with you (for example with a password managers such as NordPass) and with level 2 a 2-factor authentication such as la QR scan in the CieID app (available on Android e iOS) and take advantage of the biometric scanning of the smartphone. All this was not possible before, because level 3 of the CIE required recognition of the card via NFC, which will now only be required for some more specific operations (such as digital signature).

How to activate the Electronic Identity Card

The advice is to carry out the procedure from a smartphone, by downloading the CieID app, registering the card in your possession via NFC and entering the 8-digit PIN that was received with the card; at this point, always from a smartphone you have to go to the Official site, select the option “Log in with CIE” and complete the procedure.

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