Take care of your nails with this Xiaomi YouPin gadget


Let's go back to talking about products connected to the Chinese house with yet another essential gadget, obviously at a bargain price. It's about the Seemagic electric nail clipper, launched on Xiaomi YouPin and also available on AliExpress, obviously on a flash offer and with free shipping.

Xiaomi YouPin: the Seemagic electric nail clipper is back at a super price

Small and compact (64 x 64 x 32 mm for a weight of 90 grams), the new Xiaomi personal care device is the perfect accessory to have well-groomed nails without having to resort to annoying scissors or clippers. The Seemagic electric nail clipper da Xiaomi YouPin integrates a blade positioned in safety and a compartment to be emptied once the operation is finished.

The battery is a unit from 600 mAh rechargeable via Type-C, able to return up to 3 hours of autonomy. Furthermore, to make everything even more practical we find one LED light positioned in the cutting area, in order to always have maximum visibility.

discount code electric nail clipper xiaomi youpin

Il Seemagic electric nail clipper da Xiaomi YouPin was launched on the brand's crowdfunding platform but is also available for us Westerners on AliExpress, at a discounted price.

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