OpenRock Pro review: quality audio even during workouts

OpenRock Pro

Music-loving athletes have always had a big problem: listening to their favorite songs in comfort during training or various sporting activities. In fact, with the body in constant motion, the classic headphones can often create annoyances, or fall out of the ears to get ruined or worse, get lost. OneOdio tries to solve the problem by launching the new OpenRock Pro, TWS headphones with an open ear design that wrap around the ear to avoid discomfort while always remaining firmly in place. Discover with us what are the main features of these headphones!

OpenRock Pro review

Design and materials

OpenRock Pro

TWS headphones OpenRock Pro they take advantage of the design Open Ears to be comfortable during physical activities of various kinds. For example, thanks to their particular shape, these headphones can be easily worn while running, or during classic gymnastic activities without ever being in the way of the ear canal.

The headphones are placed in a charging pod a egg shape, with elegant black streaks. The TWS are magnetically positioned inside the case, so as to remain firmly in place during recharging and possible transport. Headphones, on the other hand, are basically composed of three different parts: the first is the terminal with the case from which the sound is diffused, rounded and characterized by the Open Rock logo.

The second part, however, is made of soft silicone to ensure flexibility to the shape that wraps around the ear: in this case we find a dark gray color that stands out from the previous black. The terminal, on the other hand, is made in hard plastic e Glossybut does not cause any discomfort to the ear. On this part we also find the charging connector and the magnet that allows adhesion to the case.

Both the right and left caps are almost identical and are distinguished only by the R and L symbols. The caps are certified IPX5, i.e. resistant to water, dust and humidity. Thanks to this certification, we will be free to run and sweat, with the certainty of not causing any kind of damage to the device. The headphones have a weight of 13 grams, while the charging base (with headphones inserted) weighs only 90 grams. The package also includes a practical visual guide that helps to put on the headphones for the first time: the operation, in fact, requires special precautions which will become automatic after poco.

Sound quality

OpenRock Pro

Headphones OpenRock Pro they take advantage of the technology TubeBass and dynamic drivers from 16.2 millimeters to provide superior sound quality (with support for aptX, AAC and SBC decoding), which is always clear even with the open ear design. During our test we were able to ascertain that the quality of the music listened to does not undergo distortions such as to affect its listenability, on the contrary, by turning up the volume, truly exceptional results are obtained even during the race: an advantage not to be poco considering how noisy our cities have become (not to mention gyms).

La music fidelity remains intact, but you still have to pay attention to the use cases. Highly raising the volume, for example, the open ear design transforms the headphones into real speakers: therefore, those around us could easily listen to our own music, then becoming a privacy problem in case we are having a telephone conversation or you are listening to private voice messages. The problem is counteracted by normalizing the volume: to levels around 50%For example, the noise emitted by the headphones will be sufficient to be heard by the user, but not by the people around them.

Furthermore, each headset is equipped with a CVC 8.0 microphone with noise cancellation, so as to ensure that our interlocutor hears our voice clearly and loudly too. The connection Bluetooth 5.2moreover, it guarantees excellent latency times even when listening to an audio connected to a video source: the result is an uninterrupted and always synchronized vision.

Battery life

OpenRock Pro

One of the strengths of these headphones TWS it is precisely the battery that can almost guarantee 20 hours of uninterrupted listening with a single refill. This translates into the possibility of charging the headphones once and using them for all training sessions of the week. For the more distracted and busy types it could prove to be a real godsend, with the possibility of forgetting to recharge the headphones without however being forcibly without music.

The charging case also guarantees at least more 24 hours of total playback, but the real strength probably lies in the fast charging of the headphones: with only 5 minutes of rest in the custody, in fact, le OpenRock Pro they will gain almost an hour of playback, useful for easily completing the training session to the rhythm of the music. The case, like almost all new generation devices, is recharged via the cable USB-C included in package.

OpenRock Pro Review – Considerations and Price

OpenRock Pro

Le OpenRock Pro di One hate they offer far superior performance to the classic bone conduction headband headphones that are often used by sportsmen. However, quality comes at a price: the OpenRock Pros are currently being offered at €123.95 on the official website, a figure that could discourage those less accustomed to open ear design. Thanks to the discount code that you find below, however, you can take them home with savings of 25%, with the price falling below i €100.

However, during our test we ascertained that the price is justified by the great quality offered by these headphones: for us, therefore, the product is absolutely advised for all athletes who don't like bone conduction and want to level up.

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