PayPal says goodbye to passwords: the new authentication arrives on Android


A future without a password is possible and you know it well PayPal which has already been working for some time on the implementation of alternative authentication systems. In these hours, the online payments giant has also launched on Android support for passkey: A security method that does not require the user to enter a password.

PayPal passkeys arrive on Android: we start from the United States


La passkey is a new authentication method supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, FIDO Alliance and many other tech companies that foresee a future without password entered by the end user. Passkeys are based on FIDO security and authentication standards and are usually cross-platform compatible. Unfortunately, in this case, it is required that the place ol' webWhatsapp supports the new technology to be used.

PayPal, for this very reason, is continuing with the work introducing support for this new password-free technology also on Android. US users will be the first to be able to use the passkeys to access PayPal, who will be entrusted with the task of testing the simplicity and reliability of the service.

To use a passkey however, authentication is required biometric or at least the PIN of security that is used by the smartphone: essentially nothing will change from what already happens with the saved passwords, but there will no longer be a need to remember the access data since the passkeys will be generated and synchronized automatically.

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