OnePlus 11: the new "space" version has a release date

oneplus 11 jupiter special version

At MWC 2023 we got a close look at the concept based on liquid cooling, but OnePlus 11 is about to receive a new one limited edition available to the public. In fact, at the Catalan fair, the company took care of showing how heat dissipation technologies on smartphones could evolve in the future, but with a conceptual device that will probably never hit the shelves. However OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition will soon become reality.

27 / 03 Update: the new version dedicated to Jupiter has a presentation date. Find all the details directly in the article.

Here's what the new special space-themed version of OnePlus 11 will look like: images and date

After the first teaser images dedicated to the release of the new version of the top of the range here we finally have a presentation date: OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition will be launched at home on 29 March.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition

The device will have a space theme, with a specific reference to the planet of Jupiter. It is rumored that the smartphone will be equipped with a renewed back cover with new materials and processes, which according to OnePlus have never been used before due to the difficulty of making them.

oneplus 11 jupiter special version

The result will be an original texture and feel cold to the touch, probably inspired by the average of -145° C of the planet in question. Details on the sale price are still missing; moreover it is conceivable that the new edition of OnePlus 11 will be an exclusive of China, given that the announcement has arrived on Weibo (well-known Asian social network).

In the meantime, the first ones have also popped up on the net images: these are some renders and a shot from vivo, which show the design of the device and the particular back cover characterized by colors and veins that recall the surface of Jupiter.

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