NVIDIA NeMo and Picasso: the challenge to ChatGPT and Midjourney begins

nvidia picasso

Among the giants of technology AI and cloud it was just missing NVIDIA appeal: after seeing the efforts of Microsoft Bing e Adobe FireFly, the American chipmaker also presented Nemo e Picasso. The announcement came at the annual GPU Technology Conference event, confirming its desire to consolidate NVIDIA's presence also in the GPU market. Generative AIs.

NVIDIA introduces NeMo and Picasso, its two new generative AI services

nvidia picasso

In recent years, NVIDIA has focused its efforts on becoming the leader in the world of artificial intelligence, to the point that the US government is had to intervene to prevent its products from benefiting China's technological evolution. Although for many it is known as a company dedicated to the creation of GPUs for gaming, in reality for some years now a large part of its revenues have come precisely from the sale of AI chips, as well as for sectors such as cloud and automotive.

No wonder, then, that the NVIDIA AI Foundations have embraced the concept of generative AI, announcing a series of cloud services that will allow companies to use them to create and manage their own artificial intelligences. Starting from Nvidia NeMo, with which to create proprietary LLMs (Large Language Models), i.e. large linguistic models on which, for example, chatbot technologies such as that of Chat GPT. In parallel there is also the service BioNeMo, a generative AI focused on medicine, genomics, chemistry, biology and molecular study.

The other novelty is called NVIDIA Picasso 3D, and in this case the field of application is that of multimedia creation starting from a textual input. But unlike the various DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, this solution allows you to convert text in images, videos and 3D models. NVIDIA announced that it is working with Adobe on the implementation in Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects, as well as with Getty Images and Shutterstock to create stock content and reward through royalties those who agree to feed their creations to train these models .

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