Nothing Phone (1): this is how much it sold in Italy

no phone (1)

Since its foundation, Nothing has based a large part of its business in Europe, including theItaly. On the other hand we are talking about a startup that has its headquarters in London, although it is a company founded on globalization, with a Chinese founder (Carl Pei) and American investors such as the youtuber Casey Neistat, the CEO of Reddit Steve Huffman and iPod inventor Tony Fadell. Not to mention that his first smartphone, NothingPhone (1), is not sold in China and only arrived in the United States through a beta testing program.

Nothing talks about its sales at MWC 2023 and how much Italy has influenced

nothing carl pei

On the occasion of MWC 2023, the management of Nothing underlined the importance that theItaly he covered in the sales performance of Nothing. As David Sanmartín, head of the European branch of Nothing, says, our country is the second European market immediately after Germany, with a market share that would begin to be a potential threat to competitors.

There are no specific numbers, but we know that in its two years of activity, Nothing has sold 1 million products worldwide, including headphones and smartphones. And now there is some curiosity around NothingPhone (2), which compared to the first model will be placed a step above aiming to enter the top-of-the-range market, in addition to the fact that the company has confirmed that in 2023 it will enter one new product category.

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