Nothing: new images of the Particles by XO headphones

Nothing Particles by XO

Upgrade 24 / 03: the first photos of the Particles by XO headphones appear, you can find them in the article.

We have known the brand for a long time Nothing will also arrive in the USA, after a first timid limited debut with Phone (1); however, according to an insider, the brand will officially appear in the US market with a new brand and a couple of TWS headphones with a decidedly captivating look. Particles by XO it will therefore be the first sub-brand of Nothing?

Particles by XO the sub-brand of Nothing: this is how the first TWS headphones will be

Nothing Particles by XO

Initially, the existence of the Particles by XO brand and its connection to Nothing was just a rumor, but the brand was registered in the USA: it is not clear whether this is the full name or if "XO" indicates the brand and "Particles" the first product to arrive.

Meanwhile, they have leaked online images of these TWS headphones, both render and real for their certification. They have a completely different look compared to the Nothing Ears (1) but the spirit of initiative is there: the minimal style suggests an independent and brand new brand, looking for something different to offer (a bit like Nothing). The code name of the earphones is B154, very similar to that of the ears (2)i.e. B155; in addition, we will have both support lHDC that the active noise cancellation.

nothing particles by xo

According to the insider himself, Particles by XO it will be the sub-brand of Nothing dedicated to the US market: for now there are no confirmations from the Carl Pei brand, therefore we are waiting for news.

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