Nothing Ear (2) officers: winning horse (and transparent) does not change

nothing ears (2)

Here we are: even if many are waiting for the next smartphone chapter, today comes the official presentation of No Ears (2). The decision of the former OnePlus Carl Pei's company was to pursue the path taken with the first model, of which the company claims to have sold over 600.000 units, maintaining its aesthetic styles and improving some features: let's see which ones.

Nothing Ear (2), the new chapter in Carl Pei's TWS headphones saga arrives

Design and features

nothing ears (2)

Certificate IP55, inside the Nothing Ear (2) there are driver from 11,6 mm, which have been configured ad hoc, improving the depth of the bass and the quality of the high frequencies through the combination of materials such as graphene and polyurethane; to do so, a new design was also adopted double room which makes the air moved by the drivers flow better for the benefit of sound quality, including certification Hi-Res audio and standards LHDC 5.0 with support for up to 24-bit/192kHz and transmission speeds up to 1Mbps.

The Nothing X app adds the ability to create a custom audio profile based on your hearing, being able to change the equalization in real time; improves flexibility, also thanks to the introduction of technology Dual connection (plus Google Fast Pair) to connect to two devices simultaneously and make it easier to switch between them; for example, if you are listening to music on your PC and you receive a call on your smartphone, the Ears (2) notify the user who can then reconnect them to the phone with a simple press, and at the end of the call the headphones reconnect to the PC and resume playing the music. For those who use them in gaming sessions, there is the low latency mode.

Of course, the function remains active noise cancellation to 40 dB, personalized according to the shape of the ear and with Adaptive mode to adjust according to the surrounding environment; also, the technology clear voice improves the audio quality captured by the three microphones during calls through an AI algorithm that uses a database with over 20 million audio samples to filter out the noise of wind and crowded places. Inside the Nothing Ears (2) is a drum kit that delivers up to 36 hours of listening (with active noise cancellation disabled), with support for quick charging (10 minutes are enough to have 8 hours of battery life) e wireless at 2.5W being able to also exploit the inverse capacity of Nothing Phone (1).

Price and availability

Nothing Ear (2) have a list price of €149, with sales starting March 22 on Official site and from March 28 on all online and offline partners.

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