NordPass Review: Why a Password Manager Can SAVE YOUR LIFE

nordpass password manager review

I want to start mine review today with a short but intense story that marked my "technological growth": I've always been the "wise guy" of the family, I've been using computers since I was 8 years old, with Windows 95 and the like, which some of you probably don't even they will remember. Here, over the years I have been overwhelmed by requests for help from relatives, friends and family with their computers and smartphones: some viruses, some blue screens, a ROM to be flashed on the first Android smartphones and lost passwords, quantity indecipherable of lost passwords.

But what does it mean to lose a password? It means entering an infinite loop that will put you in front of hours of often useless attempts to recover your secret word, losing your accounts, having to create new ones (at best): at that moment I said stop, stop passwords written on loose leaflets, no more passwords on a txt file in the Backup Hard Disk, you have to completely change the music.

NordPass Review

What is NordPass and how it works

Thus was born my experience with i Password Manager: over the years I have tried several, and only in the last period after my trusted app has doubled the subscription costs, have I started looking for a password manager that meets my needs and above all that has prices in line with what I really needed. North Pass, after hours of searching and reading, it was there my choice.

nordpass password manager review

For the uninitiated, NordPass was born from the laboratories of NordVPN, famous VPN that we told you about a few months ago, which has over 14 million users worldwide, so we can rest assured about its efficiency and efficiency in everyday life. For the uninitiated, a password manager nowadays is a fundamental tool in the technological field: perhaps you have never heard of it directly, but practically with the various solutions integrated natively on Android and Apple smartphones but also on various browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox we all already use a password manager which allows us to save our passwords and to be able to recover them with a single click when necessary.

Why use NordPass

So if there are already solutions of this type integrated into our devices, why use NordPass which is a paid solution and not free? I start by telling you that NordPass is a cross-platform system, which means that it is equipped with extensions for the main web browsers, desktop clients for both Windows and MacOS, an application for smartphones and above all a WEB interface that can be consulted from anywhere in the world at any time. With the same account, in fact, we have the possibility to synchronize up to a maximum of 6 devices at the same time, all always updated in real time.

La configuration procedure of NordPass is really very simple: once the client has been installed on our computer, or more simply once the Web interface has been started, we have the possibility to import all the passwords already stored, for example, on Google Chrome, or directly from other password managers, if we were migrating to North Pass and we are not “new users”.

After importing the passwords, simply enable the browser extension to take full advantage of the software: while in the past having a password manager meant going manually, copying the password, and then pasting it in the section where we needed it, now North Pass has autocomplete functionality. If, for example, we browse a website whose credentials we do not remember, NordPass suggests which ones to insert and, if there are no more multiple access data stored, it inserts them completely automatically: this obviously works for all websites to which we have logged in at least once and whose password we have memorized. Otherwise, after entering the credentials, a popup will appear asking us if we want to store the credentials in NordPass so that they can be used later.

All of that, of course, is replicable entirely on the smartphone which follows the same logic of use. The extremely positive factor lies in the automatic synchronization of passwords: if, for example, we sign up to a site via the computer and store the password on NordPass (this is also automatic thanks to the popup that appears when saving), it will be automatically synchronized in real time even on your smartphone.

In any case, the potential of NordPass they don't stop there: for each situation we have the possibility of generating very secure random passwords by increasing or decreasing the degree of security according to the specific requests of each website. Plus, once ours has been fed to NordPass password databases, the application scans to detect if our online accounts have been victims of data breaches: absurd as this may seem to you, I can guarantee you that none of us would come out unscathed in reports of this type.

nordpass password manager review

I know, now you're wondering: why should I trust giving all my passwords, even the most sensitive ones, to an online application that I've never heard of before? In reality, the doubt is legitimate, but NordPass above all, thanks to the experience made with NordVPN, is a zero-knowledge password manager, which means that no one else, apart from us, can see what is contained in our encrypted system, including the team of North Pass. Passwords are encrypted on our local devices with protocol XChaCha20, i.e. an algorithm that encrypts data with 256-bit encryption, currently the strongest: after which, to access the memorized passwords, the encrypted data is synchronized again on our device, and at this point we can only access it by entering the Master Password (which on mobile devices can be replaced by fingerprint or FaceID, for example).

Given this extreme security in data management, you can also entrust NordPass with the data of your credit cards: the aim is to avoid having to enter the numbers of our cards for each purchase, saving considerable loss of time during the finalization of the purchases, which in some cases require immediacy to grab the product (see highly requested concerts, the PlayStation 5 up to some time ago and so on).

Sharing of passwords

La password sharing it has always been a topic of discussion: obviously we are not talking about a strictly domestic environment, where at most you will pass your passwords to do your shopping at the supermarket near your home, but we are talking about working environments, for example, with higher degrees of security.

In this case, with NordPass there is the possibility of sharing passwords in a secure way with other users (subscribers, of course) registered on the platform: the extremely positive aspect, which makes NordPass different from anyone else, is the possibility to grant recipients” full modification permissions on the password in question, obviously with associated synchronization on the account from which the sharing started.

Furthermore, in the business field, the facilities are considerable: in addition to the possibility of sharing passwords securely between colleagues of the same company but, perhaps, of different departments, there is the possibility of sharing sensitive information of any type completely encrypted, at the as opposed to simple .doc or .pdf files, which are much less secure. Then there are a number of additional features that the app is equipped with, especially in the field of inheritance, but we hope we won't need to use them.

Offer, considerations and downloads

As mentioned throughout the review, NordPass is a subscription service. Its costs may vary due to the offers of the moment, but by clicking on the links below for the subscription you will always be faced with the best offer available at the moment. At the time of writing, for example, if you decide to subscribe to NordPass for 2 years with the discount code “gizchinanordpass” you can have 1 month of subscription and a gift discounted price of more than 30%. In case you decide, however, to evaluate a business subscription for your company, the offer requires the discount code “gizchinabusiness” in order to get a 3-month free trial of NordPass.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.


With this offer you can get 2 years of NordPass with 1 month free for a personal account. 

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With this offer you can get 3 months free trial of NordPass with business accounts. A biz domain is required. 

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Obviously it's time for the final evaluations: to use North Pass as main password manager it can lead to a series of benefits, one of which is the safeguarding of our mental health which in this way has to memorize and remember only ONE password and not hundreds (because, in case it is not clear, it is not a good habit to use the same password everywhere!). Seriously, NordPass with its data encryption technology is among the most secure password managers around to date and, in case you want to try using it for free, you can do so using the free plan which however does not allow cross-platform access . If you only use your smartphone or only your PC it could be a right strategy for you.

Content created in collaboration with NordPass.

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