The CEO of this company is an AI, and the earnings are going up

netdragon ceo ia

It was 2017 when Jack Ma, historic founder of Alibaba, stated that within 30 years a robot will be on the cover of Time magazine as the best CEO of the year; and probably he could have taken us, given what is happening within the ranks of the Chinese company NetDragon Websoft. Microsoft has put all its chips in the direction of AI, as evidenced by the new Office where the AI ​​helps the user to do in seconds actions that previously took hours if not days; not to mention Bing, which thanks to OpenAI and GPT-4 has gone from a failure to one of the hottest things of the last period. But you know, often in Asia we go one step further, and a few months ago NetDragon took on aartificial intelligence as CEO; and contrary to what some might think, the results are paying off.

Since NetDragon named an AI as its CEO, business is looking better

netdragon ceo ia

Is called Miss Tang Yu, and is officially the CEO of NetDragon Websoft, a Chinese gaming company that is not very famous in the West and which has created titles such as Neopets, Eudemons Online, Heroes Evolved and Conquer Online. She has been since August 2022, even before ChatGPT rekindled the discussion around artificial intelligence. Tan Yu is a real data hub, processed in real time to make more rational decisions and manage risks more effectively; In addition to improving job quality and execution and streamlining process flow, you are also charged with developing talent and ensuring a fair working environment for all.

NetDragon claims to have made this decision to “transform business management and improve efficiency“, and we can say that for now she has succeeded very well: since Tang Yu was appointed CEO, the NetDragon title is one of the best by secondment on the Hong Kong stock exchange, with a six-monthly increase of +10%. According to President Dejian Liu, “AI is the future of a company that will gradually transform into a metaverse-based workplace to attract talent from all over the world".

On the other hand, an AI works 24 hours a day, 24 days a week but above all does not get paid, does not ask for holidays and does not go on sick leave. And in a world where the average salary of a CEO is $16 million a year, it is a savings to say the least poco substantial (net of expenses to create and maintain an AI). And there are those in the United States who hypothesize that such a change could benefit employees, whose salary has increased by only +18% compared to +1.460% for the managing directors but who in a change of this kind could witness a redistribution of profits. But there are those who still doubt the actual possibility that an AI will take the place of a figure like that of the CEO, who is also required to have purely human skills: how could a robot replace charisma and approach to the public of a Steve Jobs or an Elon Musk? NetDragon's is a first attempt, but if the results continue to be positive we expect that the experiment will be replicated by someone else.

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