Netac NV7000 1TB Review: The SSD at the RIGHT price, compatible with PS5!

Until poco some time ago Netac was a memory company that worked on behalf of others, without ever exposing itself directly with its own brand: over the years, with the growth of experience, the company wanted to expand its horizons and launch not only on the Chinese market, but also on the European one, its products.

We've seen this in the past with le RAM which we have tried on several occasions, and we will see it today with a different product: it is appropriate to talk about a M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD, available in several memory sizes, which today we will try on board a desktop computer, but it is also ideal and optimized for use on consoles, such as the PS5.

Netac NV7000 1TB review

Design and construction

On an aesthetic and constructive level theNetac NV7000 SSD it looks identical to many other competitors currently on the market: unlike other "cheap" models, it has an aluminum dissipator that allows the user to put it under greater stress without ever exceeding about 50 degrees, regardless of the workload . The dimensions are really small, and in the last period this is one of the smallest SSDs that have come to hand.

The fixing attack on the motherboard is the classic NVMe, and to fix it you will simply need to use one of the two screws in the package; the motherboards in circulation, including mine, have 4 holes at different distances to allow us to connect SSDs of different sizes, in which case you just need to adjust the threaded insert and then position the SSD with a simple screw.

Test platform and benchmarks

As usual, for the sake of completeness, I'll tell you about my test platform: it's not state-of-the-art, but maybe in some circumstances it's even better to use machines that aren't super updated. However, the computer in question is equipped with a card Mother Z390-A PRO of MYES together with a processor Intel Core i7 9700K Coffee Lake, entirely stock and without modifications of any kind; the RAMs I use are the Netac Shadow RGB already reviewed in the past.

I installed the new Netac NV7000 SSD as secondary memory, therefore without actually installing applications or operating systems on it, but only as storage and backup memory. Netac's SSD obviously uses the standard PCIe 4.0 x4 or NVMe 1.4 and has an IG5236 E18 controller, on par with much more expensive SSDs from other brands.

Below you will find all the results of the benchmarks carried out, but a premise must be made: in my case I tried it on a computer that was not compatible with the maximum speed as it does not support the NVMe 1.4 standard but only 1.2. In practice, the differences cut the yield of the SSD by about 50% which, in any case, is clearly above the 2.5″ SSD that I currently use on the same machine.

It must be said, however, that realistic speeds are 50% higher if your computer manages to meet all the requirements: the average read and write values, in that case, are they hover around 7300 MB/s read and around 5600 MB/s write, almost paranormal when compared to what you get with an old-fashioned 7200 RPM mechanical HDD (like the one in the screenshot below right) that barely exceeds 200MB/s read and write.

Benchmark comparison between Netac NV7000 Nvme SSD and 7200rpm HDD
Benchmark comparison Netac NV7000 vs HDD 7200 rpm

Price and Considerations

On balance, but above all after the benchmarks carried out, one almost automatically wonders whether it is worth buying this Netac NV7000 rather than a competitor X product at a higher price: interpreting the results, which may actually not communicate very much to an inexperienced user who instead could read this review with the sole purpose of understanding "whether it is a valid product or not, really", I can safely say that Netac NV7000 obtains high-profile results and comparable to more expensive products of about 30/40%.

Logically the performances, if used with PlayStation 5, will necessarily be lower than those obtained on the PC (due to the hardware limitations of the Sony console, but they will still be sufficient to guarantee very high performance to the console.

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Netac SSD M.2 2280 NVMe NV7000 2TB compatible PS5

as of 09/03/2023 13:32


Brand Netac
Producer Netac
Series NV7000
Product Dimensions 8 x 1.13 x 2.35 cm; 8 grams
Article model number ‎NT01NV7000-2T0-E4X
Form Factor ‎M.2 2280
Description Hard-Disk Solid state drive
Weight article 8 g

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  • Netac NV7000 PCIe 4 x 4 M.2 2280 NVMe 3D NAND SSD 2TB, R/W up to 7200/6800MB/s, with heatsink
  • Product made with high quality materials
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