Official Microsoft 365 Copilot: Here comes the AI ​​revolution for Office

microsoft copilot 365

We continue to see the fruits of the massive funding that Redmond is implementing in the field of artificial intelligence, and the announcement of the new Microsoft 365 Copilot aim to bring it inside the package Office. After investing billions in OpenAI, million to build a mega-computer based on ChatGPT and have entirely revamped Bing, the potential of the AI ​​world is put at the service of productivity. If the huge features of GPT-4 allowed Bing to become the “web co-pilot“, with Microsoft 365 Copilot the Office apps are aiming to do the same.

Microsoft announces 365 Copilot, here's how AI will improve the use of Office apps

Imagine that you are creating a presentation in Word for a client: the AI ​​draws information from Word, Excel, OneNote files and so on, combining everything and creating an automatic draft to speed up the work; the result can also be compared with previous documents to transform the draft into a similar file, inserting images, summaries and so on, all automatically and with suggestions on how to improve the project. In Excel, analyze tables and create graphs, explaining why the results (why the company's sales have dropped, for example) and even showing how the trend would have been with different data.

In Outlook draws up a quick overview of received emails, creating summaries and generating replies based on the information in your files; if, for example, a customer asks how the company is doing, just select the relative Excel file and the AI ​​will write the email for him. In Teams, Copilot summarizes who said what and creates a summary of the meeting, allowing even those who cannot listen or those arriving after to know what is being discussed, what are the outstanding issues, the feelings of the participants and so on; and with Meeting Recap, if you miss a meeting you will receive a summary of the topics covered, complete with mentions of your name, requests and so on. Finally, in PowerPoint takes Word files and converts them into presentations (and vice versa), summarizing or adding text, images, animations, adding automatic notes for who will give the presentation.

For now, Microsoft 365 Copilot is in the test phase to a very small circle of 20 users, and in the coming months it will be extended to everyone at a price that has not yet been revealed.

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