Paid blue check of Facebook and Instagram in the United States: soon also in Europe?

Meta Verified Badge Blue paid verification for facebook instagram

Remember when, not long ago, Alessandro Paluzzi (developer known and super appreciated for having repeatedly identified in advance the functionality of some applications then officially released) reported to us that Instagram was working on a paid verification program? What until a few moments ago was limited to status di rumor, finds in these hours materialization in a plan announced directly by the group of Mark Zuckerberg. Well yes, even up Instagram e Facebook is coming blue badges... paid.

Upgrade 18 / 03: in these hours the paid blue check for Facebook and Instagram has arrived in the United States. Find all the information in the article.

What Meta Verified is and how it works, the paid verification program for Facebook and Instagram

Meta Verified Badge Blue paid verification for facebook instagram

If you remember, at the beginning of the month Alexander Paluzzi communicated that he was able to identify a string of the Instagram code that seemed to refer to a new feature that would allow buy un verification badge (if you don't remember, don't worry: you can recover the news at any time). Apparently, Meta really worked at a paid verification program and announced it live just a few hours ago.

The program in question is called Goal Verified, will be tested in Australia e New Zealand before being rolled out to other markets and will cost $ 12 per month on the web, where iOS and Android store fees do not apply. Those who decide to subscribe through the app, on the other hand, will have to bear a monthly cost of $ 15. The positive aspect is that whoever chooses to subscribe will cover both profiles with a single fee Facebook e Instagram.

Meta Verified Badge Blue paid verification for facebook instagram

As announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Goal Verified will offer users the blue verification badge, a additional protection from the representation anddirect access to customer support, within a program designed to provide an increase in the authenticity and security of Meta services. The subscription will only be available to users of aged 18 or over and you will be prompted for a official identity document, such as passport or driving licenses, to demonstrate that the requesting user is first and foremost a real person, and that his identity corresponds to the profile name and photo on his Facebook or Instagram account.

Update 18/03: official arrival in the United States

In these hours Meta has launched the program Verified paid also in the United States: American users of Facebook e Instagram can get the famous paid blue check for dollars 11.99 per month (14.99 if purchased through the mobile applications). The paid identity verification allows you to protect yourself from fake accounts that could impersonate other people on the well-known Meta social networks.

Given the rapidity with which the new service was also enabled in the United States, it is possible that there are just a few days (perhaps weeks) left before the arrival of Goal Verified also in Europe. Stay tuned to our pages to promptly discover all the news.

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