This chip will be vital to the iPhone 15 Pro's electronic keys

apple iphone 15 key chip

Recent rumors suggest that iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max may have some new ones solid state keys, i.e. equipped with an electronic mechanism that would replace the traditional one. This type of keys would offer a number of advantages over mechanical ones, but there is some concern about how Apple will implement them on the next iPhones. For example, how will they a work correctly when the smartphone is turned off, if they operate electronically instead of mechanically?

The new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max chip will be needed for the new electronic keys to work

To answer this doubt there is a new indiscretion that speaks of the introduction of a new low power chip, which would perform this task on board the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The chip would have very low energy consumption and would replace the Super Low Energy mode currently entrusted to the main SoC, which in this case will be the new Apple A17 Bionic. This means that this chip will perform operations such as Apple Pay, AirTag and Find iPhone, as well as making the new capacitive keys work even when the smartphone is turned off or discharged.

It's still in the testing phase, so there aren't any more specific details yet, but the leak lets us know more about how these keys work. In addition to being more resistant to wear, water and dust, solid-state keys open up new scenarios, such as the possibility of adjust the volume according to the pressure: the harder you press, the faster the volume is turned up/down and vice versa; there is talk of the possibility of regulating it also via key scroll being a single key and no longer two separate ones.

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