IFTTT launches its AI: automations with artificial intelligence


While the world proceeds quickly with an increasingly massive integration with AI (so as to push Europe towards the preparation of a specific legislation), the services in this sense increase exponentially. Now it's also up to IFTTT, the automation service available for Android and iOS: thanks to the new AI functions it is possible to exploit artificial intelligence for the creation of certain contents.

IFTTT Introduces Three New AI Features: Here are all the details


For the less experienced, IFTTT is a web service (available both free and for a fee) that allows you to create applets, i.e. chains of conditions. It is a fundamental automation system for advanced home automation, but also very useful in other contexts. IFTTT is able to get groups of people to communicate with each other devices and Skills (from different manufacturers).


Smart devices, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), e-mail and archiving services: it is possible to create many different types of Applets.

Now even IFTTT is enriched with AI functionality and the announcement comes directly through an official press release. There Pro+ version of the service (this is the subscription plan with unlimited Applets and many other advantages) allows access to three new features based on artificial intelligence.

  • AI Social Creators generates automated social content;
  • AI Content Creator generates large text content (blog posts, drafts, etc.);
  • AI Summarizer generates summaries to make content easier to understand (for example, a summary of notes taken during a meeting or the contents of a blog).

In short, it is a novelty not from poco: the possibility of having automations generated by AI, benefiting from about 800 services now available on IFTTT, will allow you to save a lot of time in many fields.


If you want to try this new feature, we point out once again that the new AI services are available in the IFTTT Pro+ paid plan (which also has a trial period). The app is available for both Android and iOS, so you just have to give it a try.

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