The crisis does not affect leaflets: the growth continues

samsung galaxy z fold 4 foldable smartphone

After a questionable start, the foldable smartphone market is catching on, and according to analyst forecasts sales will continue to grow. Omitting the sharp decline at the end of 2022, last year ended with sales of 14,2 million leaflets worldwide, a leap forward of +75% for the year. And now this is expected 2023 he will bring with him an additional + 50 % for a total of 21,4 million of units shipped against a general decline of -1,1% in the telephone market, thus going against the trend of traditional smartphones.

Positive forecasts for the foldable smartphone market, as opposed to traditional ones

foldable smartphone sales forecast 2027

Looking even further in time, according to the IDC team in 2027 foldable smartphones will go from accounting for 1,2% to 3,5% of the global market. This would be possible thanks to 48,1 million leaflets sold, numbers which if compared to the current ones would mean more than a doubling equal to +124,77%, but which spread from 2022 to 2027 will have an average growth of +27,6%. If sales go up, it will also be partly thanks to the average price, which in 2023 is expected to drop by -6,8% in exchange for more refined, complete and resistant products compared to the more expensive first generations.

In all of this, the contribution of the brands involved will have to be evaluated, given that so far Samsung dominated the market getting the global monopoly; also because, between now and 2027, it is plausible that also Apple make his debut first folding come on Google and its Pixel Fold, while the situation for Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, vivo, Huawei e Honor it could prove to be more difficult than expected.

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