EKSA E1000 WT Review: Revolutionary GAMING Headphones at a WOW Price!

eksa e1000 wt cheap gaming headphones

When approaching a multimedia product there are several aspects to evaluate: in film reviews, for example, not only the best screenplays are awarded, but also the best photography and the best soundtrack. Even simple videos like our reviews follow the same logic, which are recorded with professional cameras and microphones, without which the results would be clearly poor.

This is to connect to the product I want to tell you about today, the EKSA E1000 WT, a rather accessible set of gaming headphones for the price and which can certainly be a turning point during your gaming sessions. Good graphics in a game are certainly important, but do you want to play Warzone and not hear well the sound of your enemy's footsteps approaching? Unforgivable.

EKSA E1000WT review

Design, materials and comfort

From design don't expect too much, as they absolutely reflect dimensions and style already seen and adopted in the past by the same company on previous models. The the body is entirely built in plastic, and its overall dimensions do not go unnoticed: I tell you right away, if you have a small head you might find them a bit awkward and bulky (perhaps not ideal for kids or teenagers), while if you're big-headed (like yours truly) you've found bread for your teeth, extremely comfortable.

eksa e1000 wt cheap gaming headphones

The upper bow is lined with the usual external finish in imitation leather and it is padded; I found it very comfortable when worn, even if during the warmer months it could create some small sweat problems. The two side parts, on the other hand, integrate the two sliding plates for adjusting the bow: they have an extension of about 4cm per side, values ​​sufficient to cover a wide range of users.

eksa e1000 wt cheap gaming headphones

The aspect that will surely please the gaming fanatics are the two auricles with RGB backlighting ì: although to some they may seem in dubious taste, we are talking about a pair of gaming headphones and, in my opinion, they must necessarily stand out with goodies of this type (I'll be a bit tacky, perhaps, I won't hide it) . In any case, always in correspondence with the two pavilions, it is nice to note the separation of the materials which here differ in an aluminum-colored plate, above which the brand is silk-screened, which is also capable of lighting up with RGB LEDs.

eksa e1000 wt cheap gaming headphones

Inside the two ear cups are padded with two nice rather soft pads: the finishes are exceptional, they cover my ears perfectly and given their generous size you will hardly experience problems or pain in your ears during use. As for buttons and inputs, on the left pavilion there is the 3.5MM connector, two function buttons programmed with different options based on the number of presses (watch out, though, because they don't work if you connect headphones via Aux cable) and the volume control wheel. On the right side instead there is the USB-C connector. I almost forgot the side microphone boom: if you are not interested in the microphone, you can simply pull it upwards and it won't get in your way, on the contrary, if you want to use it, just lower the rod. There is no way to move it away from or bring it closer to the mouth horizontally, only vertically.


Le headphones EKSA E1000 WT today in question are compatible with a wide range of devices, each of which uses a different standard to optimize compatibility. In my case I did the tests with mine Xbox Series S, my Macbook Pro and Windows PC At the office. If we talk about consoles, the Eksa E1000 WT can be used via 3.5mm cable with Xbox (through the special connector under the controller), Play Station 4 and 5, Tablets and mobile devices and Nintendo Switch; the alternative is offered by the practical USB dongle supplied in the package, through which you can connect wirelessly to Play Station 4 and 5 as well as PCs and Macbooks.

eksa e1000 wt cheap gaming headphones

The procedures for configuring the headphones on the various sources are amply illustrated in the appropriate instruction manual, should you encounter difficulties with simple use Plug&Play. In my case, I did the cable tests first, and as I mentioned earlier in this mode, some of the functions of these headphones are lost, including the use of the buttons present (with the exception of the volume) and RGB lighting. Subsequently I switched to the connection on a Windows PC via USB Dongle and I realized that the headphones showed no signs of life: evidently they had remained "stuck" on cable mode, so much so that after several attempts it was sufficient to just insert the cable AUX and unplug it for the headphones to “reset”.

In the case of use via USB dongle on Windows PC there is the possibility of downloading an equalizer dedicated to headphones which allows us to optimize the sound frequencies of the headphones in an extremely subjective way; I found it comfortable and practical, as well as versatile due to the presence of the "free" equalizer which lets us choose how to customize each single frequency. And I know, it will seem strange to you that I haven't talked about audio delays yet: EKSA has chosen to abandon the usual bluetooth we have been accustomed to over the years as a function of the 2.4GHz Wireless, using the USB dongle, in this way the delay goes from about 100ms of Bluetooth to 30ms, values ​​certainly not first class but definitely encouraging.

Audio quality and Microphone

Yes ok, but after all these details, I'm sure you're wondering what stuff these are made of EKSA E1000 WT. First, let me talk about the speakers. two 50mm speakers able to cover a frequency from 20 to 20.000Hz and with a resistance of 32Ω, therefore respectable values.

eksa e1000 wt cheap gaming headphones

Having said that, the headphones come with two presets differentiated by type of use: the first is mainly optimized for gaming, and is the 7.1 Surround Sound mode, very useful and interesting during use with games of the caliber of Warzone in which you can hear footsteps and sounds of this kind better, while it is not the best way to listen to music given the extreme emphasis of the lower frequencies. The other mode is the one suitable for playing music, within which there are the various equalization presets: the reproduction of low and medium frequencies is very good, a little less satisfactory from my point of view are the high.

The best user experience I've had was when using a Windows PC due to the available equalization software, without which you won't have a 100% optimization possibility. The work done by the microphone is also excellent: despite the close positioning close to the face and mouth in the test recordings I made, I noticed good quality, excellent noise reduction.


Inside the headphones is a battery integrated with 1500 mAh capable of fully recharging at low voltage in about two and a half hours; recharging, however, is rather rapid and in 10 minutes you can ensure up to about 2 hours of use of the headphones themselves. In any case, in terms of autonomy, I can be more than satisfied with values ​​close to ten hours of use.

Logically, these autonomy values ​​refer to wireless use of the headphones; alternatively, battery power will not be used via the AUX cable.

Price and considerations

Ultimately there is poco to object to these EKSA E1000 WT: they cost around 50 euros and for figures of this level it is difficult to find real and concrete competitors who can offer 7.1 surround sound, a quality microphone and an autonomy of about 10 hours.

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