Xiaomi Mijia 1T is the vacuum cleaner robot with 3D camera for less than 150 €

Xiaomi Mijia 1T
Credits: Xiaomi

Often the protagonist of affordable offers, the series of robot vacuum cleaners of the Chinese company is enriched with the model Xiaomi Mijia 1T, powerful device that enriches the technical sector with a ToF camera for high-precision surveys: let's discover all the features of this model, together with the best deals on offer with a flash or discount code!

21 / 03 Update: the Chinese version Mijia 1T drops at a super price with a discount code. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Mijia 1T / Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro + official: everything you need to know

Design and features

Xiaomi Mijia 1T
Credits: Xiaomi

If you liked the design of the previous models, then you will certainly find the look of the new one satisfying too Xiaomi Mijia 1T Vacuum Cleaner (or Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro + in Global version), robot vacuum cleaner characterized by a circular body and a widely tested style.

Unlike devices 1S e 1C, at this round we find an elegant coloration black, which enhances Xiaomi's usual minimal design with an extra touch of style.

In addition to vacuuming, the robot is also able to rinse and scrub the floor: inside there is space for a container for water da 250 ml, while the one dedicated to dirt has a capacity of 550ml.

Xiaomi Mijia 1T
Credits: Xiaomi

The wheel system allows you to overcome obstacles up to 20 mm and thanks to the size of 353 x 350 x 81.5 mm it will be possible to clean narrow corners and spaces more efficiently.

Power and precision

Xiaomi Mijia 1T
Credits: Xiaomi

In terms of power, this is the best solution among the robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi. Model Mijia 1T, in fact, it has a suction power of 3.000 PA, with a wide mouth and an ultra-dense fiber brush from 0.1 mm, a solution able to guarantee even more precise cleaning.

The battery is a unit from 5.200 mAh, able to return an autonomy of about 180 minutes in standard mode.

Xiaomi Mijia 1T
Credits: Xiaomi

The device offers up to 4 suction speeds, all programmable. But the strong point of the robot is certainly the support of camera ToF, a solution already seen on various smartphones and able to return an image in 3D of the displayed area.

All of this results in one greater precision in the recognition of objects and paths and therefore in a greater degree of cleanliness. This system is accompanied by the classic LDS sensors also present in other models of the Chinese house.

Xiaomi Mijia 1T is able to recognize objects at one millimeter distance, all thanks to the new algorithms implemented. He will then be able to avoid obstacles accurately and make smart decisions even in the face of complicated paths.

Xiaomi Mijia 1T / Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro +: price and availability | Flash offers or with discount code

The robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia 1T (STYTJ02HZM) was launched at home and in Global version as Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro +: if you are looking for a flash offer or a discount code, you have found the right opportunity for you. The Chinese variant is available for only € 141,7 on Banggood with the discount code you find below and redeeming this $ 10 coupon.

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