The Xiaomi CATLINK smart dispenser is more than just a bowl, now on sale with Coupon

Xiaomi YouPin CATLINK smart dispenser / bowl

Accessories for our four-legged friends are not all the same: if you are looking for a unique and premium product for your kitty then take a look at this novelty by Xiaomi YouPin. This is the new dispenser of food CATLINK, A product smart for cats that offers various features and is more than just a simple one bowl. Plus there's already a discount code to save money!

Xiaomi YouPin CATLINK smart dispenser / bowl

Featuring a unique and discreet design, the CATLINK smart dispensers from Xiaomi YouPin is the perfect companion for feeding your kitty: it is a solution specifically designed for cats, with two side panels to prevent food from spilling out of the bowl. About the latter, it is a solution ceramic antibacterial (U-shaped for ease of use), excellent even for the most sensitive cats.

Xiaomi YouPin CATLINK smart dispenser / bowl

The dispenser has a capacity of 3.5 liters and allows you to store up to 2 kg of kibbles. Furthermore, since it is a product smart, there is no shortage of exclusive features dedicated to technology lovers. The device interfaces with the smartphone and is able to supply valuable data on cat nutrition and habits.

Obviously there is no shortage of remote controls: the food can be dispensed automatically (by programming times) or directly by telephone.

Xiaomi YouPin CATLINK smart dispenser / bowl

The new smart dispenser/bowl by CATLINK comes from Xiaomi YouPin and is immediately available for us Westerners thanks to Geekbuying, on offer with code discount. Inevitable then the shipment free directly Europe: in this way your purchase will arrive at home in no time.

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