Dreame D9 Max drops to a crazy price: now only € 155 with Coupon!

Robot vacuum cleaner dreame d9 max discount code coupon offers

It can vacuum up dirt, dust and animal hair from surfaces and floors, but also thoroughly scrubs every corner of the house while you sit on the sofa or engage in some other activity. Let's talk about Dream D9 Max, a powerful robot vacuum cleaner e floor washer which now becomes even more accessible thanks to a crazy offer from Banggoood!

The Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner on a super offer at Banggood

Dream D9 Max it's a powerful one robot vacuum cleaner which, in addition to collecting dirt, dust and animal hair from different types of surfaces (including carpets), can even perform the function of washing, so as to thoroughly and thoroughly clean the whole house.

The device supports four different suction levels for a maximum power of 4.000 PA, while LiDAR navigation technology ensures faster and more accurate mapping, avoiding obstacles and planning the best possible cleaning route.

After the cleaning session, Dream D9 Max automatically returns to yours Station di recharge to fill up on autonomy and prepare for the next session. In this regard, we remind you that the robot vacuum cleaner guarantees up to 150 minutes of autonomy with a single charge. We loved it!

Robot vacuum cleaner dreame d9 max discount code coupon offers

The robot vacuum cleaner Dream D9 Max goes down to the best price ever on Banggood: thanks to the new discount code, they are enough €155,9 to take home a respectable device! Price error or bomb to seize on the fly? Whatever the answer, it is a top figure, made even more tempting by the free shipping directly from Europe.

NB – to get the indicated price it is also necessary redeem the -7 $ Coupon via this link.

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