In China, the soul mate is a matter of state: the official dating app arrives

China app dating falling birth rate

By now we are accustomed to certain Chinese "oddities": we use the technology of the Asian country and the success of brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO e Huami makes us understand how vital his contribution is within the global tech sector. A decidedly advanced country in some respects, but faltering in others: just think of the endless controversies related to the management of the privacy, To ban absurd (for example the last one, that of ChatGPT) and the extreme involvement of the Beijing government in people's lives.

About the latter aspect, the latest news is called Palm Guixi and is the state's “official” dating app and a handy way to fight against the problem of falling birth rate in the country.

China: Palm Guixi is the state's dating app, the solution to falling birth rates

China app dating falling birth rate

Then current state, China is experiencing a period of crisis as for the birth rate. China's population has declined and as we have seen previously, the situation is pushing the country towards one robotics extreme. Apart from the technological discourse, it seems that the problem of declining birth rates has been taken quite seriously, at least as regards the Jiangxi (a southern province of the People's Republic of China).

The government launched Palm Guixi, A 'dating app dedicated to the residents of the city of Guixi, created specifically to simplify the process of uniting citizens (640 inhabitants). The operation of the application is very simple: the software has access to the users' backgroud and offers them a series of pairings which he deems appropriate. It also seems that it is also possible to organize real ones blind dates, once you find the perfect match (according to the app).

China app dating falling birth rate

As also pointed out poco above, Palm Guixi is an “official” app, approved by the Chinese government; it is an attempt to fight the fallout ed increase the marriage rate, the latter in steadily declining over the past 10 years.

According to Fortune cited in 2022, the highest marriage rate in China was achieved in 2011 with 9,7 million ceremonies registered. The numbers plummeted until record low of 7,6 million (dating back to 2021). Furthermore, according to a report by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, not only are there fewer marriages but about half of the users who get married are 30 years of age or older.

Young people no longer aim for marriage and among the reasons behind this phenomenon there would also be (and above all) the line tough on the government towards the divorce. This procedure is rather long and "unpredictable" in its conclusion and on Weibo (the Chinese social network par excellence) there are many comments from users opposed to getting married.

China app dating falling birth rate

Obviously an important phenomenon such as the falling birth rate can only be due to a chain of events and situations; fact is that last year China only recorded 6,77 births per 1000 people, decidedly low numbers that alarmed the government (and led to the creation of Palm Guixi).

Who knows if the introduction of thegovernment dating app it will remain an experiment limited to the city of Jiangxi (Guixi) or if it will also be introduced in other provinces.

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